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In memory of 2 neighborhood cats

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In just a week or so, I have seen 2 neighborhood kitties taken by the road.

The first was a black and white kitty lying just off the road in the grass last week, only half a dozen houses from mine.

This morning, I saw the second no more than 50ft from where the first passed. An orange kitty lying amongst the yellow leaves on the edge of the road. Before I realized what it was, I was struck by the beauty of their colors, fur and leaves, mixing together.

Then I was just sad, wondering if perhaps this was the orange cat Nico had alerted me just once to, outside our window, hunting bugs or something with Nico's more frequent and fluffier tormentor from a few houses down.

My neighborhood is a very well off and dense urbanish area full of large houses, where there is no reason (financial or practical) for these cats to be out and about. The few times I have seen a cat on the road, I have been very upset, because there is little to no chance of them being ferals or strays.

These kitties are at peace now. The best I can hope is that someone has learned their lesson.
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RIP sweet babies!!!
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Godspeed over RB, precious beauties! You were only trying to enjoy what Nature made you to enjoy. It is so very sad to see animals that have struck by cars. I know that cats dart quickly across the street, but I also see so many cars speeding down residential streets, and worry that next time, it could be a child.
I think that a lot of people figure, it's just a cat, and don't take the time nor wish to spend the money on a safe cat enclosure. I will light a candle in my window for the 2 kitties. Thank you for letting us know. Susan
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RIP little ones!
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Poor little cherubs One of the many reasons why i keep my two inside at all times.

RIP little ones
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I understand your frustration and feeling of loss. I travel a fairly rural road into work , which happens to be the same road to the SPCA i volenteer for.
I too, just this month have seen 3 little ones by the side of the road that life should have been still filled with chasing leaves and bugs.

Heres to you little tiger by the hwy. Why you were ever this far from home ill never know, but i wont forget your lovely coat.
And to you sweet little black and white girl by the edge of the road. I couldnt let you sit there and get hit again.
and mostly to sweet little bootsy we found and tried to save. A tender kitten of no more than 10 weeks you never had a chance. I hope you found comfort in all of our arms at the rainbow shelter. we loved you if even briefly.
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Condolences on their losses! Rest in peace, kitties!
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RIP little ones - life is much better for you now at the bridge

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Rest in peace little kitties.
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