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Some had asked for pictures of my Kiddie (4 week old cutie, orphan since mom died at birth). They are not the best but they show a very healthy kit!!

From a proud mama (I'll be a pest with pictures if I ever have kids!! )

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it is a cute little kitten and looks healthy
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He's the cutest and yes, I am biaised! The first picture is so typical of him... if I lay down on the couch to watch tv and he's on the couch too, he'll walk around and eventually sit infront of my face and stare at me with huge eyes, not saying a word, til I pet him or hold him. And then he purrs.
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Ahhhhh. Kittens are just sooo adorable!!!
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Zabby, He's gorgeous i'm a sucker for a ginger cat myself. How is it going with him and Bab's now any better?
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Thank you!

Mischief, you're adorable.

We've stopped trying to force introduction between Kiddo and his growling grandma: Babs! We've started to let Kid walk around in the house and Babs' not liking it. She growls, hisses and ultimately, just runs off somewhere. At least she doesn't attack; she won't come near him. I figure that maybe if I keep letting him walk around she may get used to him. But boy does she have a temper when it comes to other animals!
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He is sooo cute!!!!

I know what you mean about introductions!! Except in my case my 6 month old still thinks that my 7 week old would be a good before dinner snack!!! But at least she is getting better in the fighting department - My ankles hurt!!!!
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All Right! When you posted on his first day, I was afraid his chances were low. That little guy REALLY wanted to survive. You have done a GREAT job raising him. He is so cute, and you must be so desicated.
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Kathy... I know; I'm surprise too at how well it went and at how easy it actually was. We were lucky, we had a strong kit... He was lucky because he was left after birth on a cold basement floor for a few hours and didn't drink much at all for the first 2 days. But he's a strong little guy. We just love him.
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He is to cute for words, the best of luck and best vibes for him!
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