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stop the insanity!

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ok I'm at a loss... How do I get my recently aquired kitten to stop climbing on counters stove, trash.... I never had this problem with my other cat. Someone told me to knock her off (which I won't do because I don't believe in physical punishment) another said spray her with water, but I read somewhere on this site not to do that... so what can I do? setting her on the floor next to her food and telling her nono does NOT work...... HELP!
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Isn't kittenhood great? We're going through the set boundaries too. I find double-sided tape work well in certain areas, just temporarily until they get acclimated (carpet tape at Walmart is only like $2 a roll). The spray bottle is something that people vary in opinoin from person to person. I honestly don't think its so bad as long as you don't spray the face directly, or maybe a squirt in the direction. Sudden loud noises like clapping can sometimes work but usually only after they learn teh behavior isn't allowed. Strategically placed bottles of coins can be placed in places to be easily knocked over to cause a startle response, they don't like that and will learn to stay away. If you don't clap loud (like me) then shaking one of these bottles also can be effective. Their smart so they will learn to stay away.

After all that I finally gave in to my insistant kitties and teh counter. Though they aren't allowed there if I'm making food.
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Aluminum Foil on the counters also works wonders -
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Oh yah I forgot about that one!! They don't like the feel of it and it makes a lot of noise. Our stove used to be covered in foil.
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We used to use the squirt bottle with Zakk, but only when he tried to climb the wooden bed posts! It got to the point that he would jump off as soon as Pete reached for it. Since then I have found this sight, and I'm not sure what my feelings are.
You definitely need to train him that stoves are off limits. My ex used to just push the cat firmly off the stove so he got the idea he should be on it. I have pretty much done the same thing. Rocky so far is the only offender- he once got a slightly burnt tail- it was just fur thank goodness. Luckiy I don't really cook!
I personally don't really care about the kitchen counters I'm not really a germaphobe. The only one that goes up on them is Zakk, and that's just to get a nibble of wet food before it goes down. It probably bothers my guests more than it bothers me. If I'm cooking something they might be interested in, like shrimp, I give Zakk a frozen one- he plays with it, then eats it and keeps him occupied until I'm done!
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I bought this thing called tattle tale it emits a high pitched beep when it detects motion and then resets itself to do it again. It worked for me to keep the cats off of the waterbed. Good luck
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Check out the product being reviewed in On the Prowl

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GRRR... I got home and my husbands brand new loaf of bread was ripped open, Still on the counter... *sigh* he is going to be so mad at her ... But at least I had lot's of good ideas to try now!!! so Thank you for that ... I guess I'll try the aluminum foil first because it's cheap and sounds kinda cool ... and go from there (clapping doesn't work I just tryed it while I was typing this)... Till I find something I guess no foodstuffs can sit on the counter, which sux cause we have limited cabinet space... Oh well, roll with the punches.
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