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They're driving me nuts!!!

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My three nearly six month old kittens have an appointment to be spayed on March 22nd. They have been going into heat one after the other and they are driving me nuts! First Kiri, then Missy and now Gypsy. My poor neutered male Loco doesn't know what to think with all the female hormones flying around. He looks at the girls as if to say 'What do you want ME to do about it??' Poor guy. We're finding it hard to sleep at night with all the 'brrrrrowww'ing. Is there anything I can do to get my poor hormone ridden Gyspy to quiet down at night?
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Rescue Remedy might work on her, if not, maybe you can take some? *EG*
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There is something you could do, but it involves a thermometer. Im thinkin' you could guess the rest. It works most of the time, but it really differs as to how long it works for. If you get tired of not sleeping (no pun intended), try it.

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LOL. What Ken means is artificial stimulation. However, it's something you want a vet to show you how to do. She should do this for about a week or so. I find a good pillow over my head helps
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well, I'm not sure about that one Ken :laughing: Actually she was pretty quiet last night- either that or I slept like a rock and didn't hear it. She's going nuts now though. The boys are getting disgusted with her Shes waaaaay worse than the other two girls combined! I was hoping they wouldn't go through a heat cycle before 'spay day' but I didn't get that lucky. Hey, at least the Vet can't say " We have to charge you extra because shes in heat" since she'll be over it by then. (He always tries that one on people)

Ok, one more quick question- my 8 month old neutered Loco is getting pretty freaked out by all these girly hormones. He'll pin Gypsy down and mount her, but then he just sits there until she struggles to get away. Will he continue this behavior after they are spayed? I hope not..

Btw, MA- I think the Bach's is a good idea- for me that is
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You can never say for sure, but what I have found is that they only get this way when there's a female in heat around. We have an altered male who did the same thing. He would do this every time one of the girls went into heat. He never touched the altered girls. However, we still have whole females in the house and I guess he's just gotten tired of it and he runs from them I think once they are spayed, your guy will leave them alone.
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Originally posted by Melissa
Is there anything I can do to get my poor hormone ridden Gyspy to quiet down at night?
It's like deja vu all over again. My Gyspy's been driving me nuts this past week, too. I don't know anything to help the kitty, but one or two Tylonel PM before bedtime helped me a lot.
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