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Hi I'm new!! :)

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I'm new to Looking forward to meeting lots of new people.
Here are a couple of pics of my cats.
Saphire (saffy) 13months siamese x

Lia 18years British Blue

Luv Lucinda xxxx
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Hi!......I was wondering if you don´t duplicate your post?......( Here and the Lounge Forum)....

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Hello & Welcome to TCS!!! Your babies are darling!!!
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Hello it's nice to meet you!!!
Beautiful babies!!

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Hi Lucinda and welcome to TCS!

I know you're going to love it here, lots of things to learn and many great friends to make along the way!

I'd love to see the pictures of your kitties (I'm on dial-up, so they wouldn't load for me!) I'm sure they're just gorgeous though, what cat isn't?!

I look forward to seeing some pictures and getting to know you in the other forums!
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Wellcome, wellcome and once more wellcome!!!
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Those are wonderful pictures!

Welcome to TCS!
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Hi welcome to the site.
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Welcome to TCS!!
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OOOOooOOoOoooOOOO BLACK KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! Welcome to TCS. Your gonna LOVE it here.
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Hello and welcome ....Wow, look at the eyes of you beautiful black kitty!! Great pics..thanks for sharing.
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Thanx everyone, I'm sure i'll enjoy it here!
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Oh what pretty kitties. That first one sure looks like a halloween cat!
Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to TCS

YAY!! another black kitty to join the family and how adorable is Lia, and what an amazing age she is!!

so glad you joined us - please send me or another mentor a message if you need any help at all in the forums.

welcome again from me and my boys
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stampit3d: Everyone seems to like my black cat. Do you guys have a craze over black cats or something.

huggles: I will aks you if i need any help. Thanx
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