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Can cats get spots, and does old age cause baldness?

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Hi this is my first post, I have mainly bombay cat who's nearing his 13th birthday, he's still very active and very lively, recently hes started getting bald spots is this simply because hes old? They on his back legs on the inside, I have also noticed hes started chewing areas close to these bald spots but the actual bald places, hes recently been wormed and de-flead.
My other question is can cats get spots like humans can in one of the bald spots is a spot that looks like many-a-spot that a teenage human would have, minus the redness.

I am seeking advice because the last resort would be to take him to the vet as he is very very scared of the vets, hes only been a few times in his life, and for a simple injection he had to be held down by three people. So as you can probably tell I would rather not take him to the vets and put him through so much stress unless it is urgent.
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Sounds like there is something wrong. There are many skin ailments with age but they need to be diagnosed by a vet. It could be a sign of something more serious. Hopefully not but the vet would know best.
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Should I just keep an eye on his condition and see if the things go away/ get better/worse or should i be booking a vets appointment do you think?
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It could be really dry skin which can be really itchy. But if he has pimple sort of things then that could be liver related (skin in cats, like humans, reflects teh state of the liver). Which ultimately leads to diet. He would most likely need a change in diet if its that simple, possibly vet prescribed as there could be an allergy problem. I would call your vet office and see what they say but I would bet an appointment would be necessary. Vet Techs will tell you to come in but if you are not sure then tell them you want to speak to the vet and they will call you back later in the day. They will tell you for sure if it requires an appointment or not depending on how sever they think it is. They might have an over the phone recommendation for you too since your cat can be easily traumatized with the visit.
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his diet hasnt really changed from the day he was born, to my knowlage, he has been fed at another house though, hes a bit of a tart is my cat! He did recently have a few days of throwing up and diroreah, that seems to of stopped now and I didnt think it was related but maybe it is.
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Cats can develope allergies over time, particularly at your cats age allergies can suddenly surface. What brand do you feed? It could also be a nutrient deficency....but it sounds more to me like somethign else is going on. I think your best bet is to talk with a vet.
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It could also be a skin parasite/fungus too... It could be ringworm, is the skin sort of scaly/flaky where the bald spots occur?

I would also ask the vet if it could be a reaction to the wormer or flea medication. Since he's elderly he could be more sensitive than when he was younger.
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he eats Whiskers, Felix and Gormet cat food with Kiti-Kat/Whiskers biscuits. I'll call my vet when it next opens and see what he thinks, thank you for your advice by the way
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Hmmm a deficiency might be a possibility. You might look into Missing Link from Petsmart in combination to switching to premium brand of dry. Missing Link will get him loaded with nutrients like the omega 3&6 which will help boost the skin and coat.

no problem!
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Well he does have a special dry brand for older cats, and the rest of his coat is super shiney, the skin doesnt appear to be dry, I think he'll need to have a "bath" later as he smells of somethimg rather unpleasent at the monet so I'll take a better look at him then as he just stands still in the warm water providing its at the perfect temperature for him lol.
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Then it sounds like its not nutrient related but could be fungal (I still highly recommend Missing Link to anyone). Ringworm will show up in isolated places but can spread around the body (including to you). When I got my kittens they both had ringworm. The best way to check is to look at the spots under a black-light in complete darkness. Teh skin should not glow other than flecks of urine, feces, fuzz, but fungus/ringworm will turn up bright green! Other colors can mean other things as well. If youd on't have a light though, ringworm is very scaly and dry, it will just flake off as you bring your nail across an area. It is a very common cause of hairloss in cats. My little girl had it really bad on her ear once and around her mouth. Its can be highly contagious from cat to cat, cat to human. A healthy adult should have a good immune system to repel it but you never know with cats 10+.

Thats great you cat tolerates baths! A rare trait!
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lol he only tolerates them once hes completely wet then hes got an attitude like.... "meh im wet now whats a bit more water gonna do" lol, I dont have a black light... but i think i can get hold of one, ill have a look and keep you posted thank you very much :d
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I've heard that hair loss can be a sign of a thryoid problem.
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