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My *BABY* run over by Car 5th Nov 05

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Why did god have to take you away from me?
You was only a baby just like your name.
Why did God have to give me such pain?
i dont wana do anything, i cant work, i cant study,
i cant do anything without his existence in my life.

they toke him away from me when i woke up one morning and the door happend to knock and a women gapsed and said 'have you got a white n grey little cat' i rushed outside and two doors away he was lying down dead in the road. He was only 7 Months old.... he was my friend, he was so precious to me.

Please help me, i am dying of pain
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I am so sorry to hear about your loss. You've come to the right place!
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Poor baby RIP little one
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I am sorry for your loss. Please dont let your greif turn you sour.
Loss is so impossible to bear at times. It is even made more difficult when the accident could have been prevented by keeping him inside safe.
The questions you pose in your prose have no answers.
I pray that your little baby is happily perched on the window sill of all existance over the rainbow bridge and that you will find comfort to ease your pain.
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Awww I am soooooooooooooooo sorry for your loss. The Lord needed another furangel so that is why he took your precious baby. He is playing now with all the other sweet angels at the bridge, waiting for the day you two will be together again. TRy not to dwell on the bad soo much, and remember all the good times and funny things he did. RIP sweet Baby.
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Thanks your making my pain heal a bit better. But in the real world no one has been here for me... my friends dont understand me, my fiance left me lonely for a couple of days cuz he said hes busy.... no one understands me and is here for me thats why im struggling extra hard.

i cant replace him i know, i miss his sleep next to the heaters, his little playful actions, hes sweet green eyes, hes chubby belly, hes long furry tail.... i miss him soo soo much..... hes my angel
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Don't blame God for this. I am sure the woman who hit your kitten feels as horribly as you do. At seven months this kitten barely touched life, but he did catch your heart. if you decide to get another kitten anytime soon, please keep him indoors. It is so much safer.
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i dont know who was responsible for the death of my kitten, i dont understand why he had to run in the middle of the road when he was ok for months outside now n then. i dont blame god but i wish he left my baby with me and not toke him in a way that i will never forget throughout my life, the severe n fatal accident will never be erased from my memory but i hope he is by my side and will wait for me in the next world were we will be whole.
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I am sure that he will be there waiting for you. He will be sitting there curled up top of a nice warm heater purring in anticipation of your touch.
I hope you can find a smile in those memories. They are precious. The loss you feel will be replaced by the joy you felt when he was with you.
That is one of the most beautiful things in the world, is how our cats know us. You can tell it in their eyes. When you are sad, they comfort you. when you are lonely, they are there ready to play, when you are upset and need to be alone, they always seem to be just out of reach but always near just in case. God loves cats and he loves us, thats why he brought us together.

You will never find a replacement for him, but i hope you can find joy with another cat. Maybe save some poor cat feeling the same way you do. lost and alone feeling unwanted and misunderstood waiting for you at a shelter.
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I'm so very sorry that your baby was taken from you. I'm sending you many hugs in hopes that you find peace with this terribly tragedy.
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I'm so very sorry to hear about your cat. Nothing hurts worse then to lose a loved furry friend.People that aren't cat lovers just don't understand how deeply we hurt when we lose one.Hugs for you
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I am so sorry for your loss, I know how it feels. Its so easy to bond with these sweet little babies. I know no words at this moment can assuage the real loss or bring your sweetie back to you, but life goes on! You can't let the loss dictate the rest of your life now can you? Give yourself some time, and then adopt the most unwanted kitty from a shelter. There are so many kittens around that need you.....maybe your seven mnths kitty's time had come, now she has given you a chance to save another life that really needs you.

Hope you find peace.
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I am so very sorry for the loss of your little one - he will be at the Bridge waiting for you. Thnink of all the happy times you enjoyed with him!!
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I am so sorry for your loss. What a shock to find your little in the street!

You gave him love, a home, hugs, pets, treats and even though he was so young, at least he had a good life.

Think about sharing that love with another.
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I lost a kitty to the road many years ago. It is hard to know why when they usually seem to stay out of the road, they decide to go into it. I now have some kitties who are inside only to keep them safer.

I do still have outside cats and ferals. My hope is that they will stay safe in the big outdoors.

Condolences on your loss. I know the joy of loving a cat, and the heartbreak of losing them. Of course people who do not love a cat cannot understand. But the people here at the cat site do understand too well!

Rest in peace, Baby!
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