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tall tails

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I thought this picture from ZuesMom was amazing!
And I thought Wiggie's tail was ridiculous at 13"/33cm! Unfortunately I don't have a picture to share - I'm soo looking forward to getting a digital camera!
Anyone else's cat have a ridiculous tail?
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What a long tail!!
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beautiful cat,

I remember when we got our Sam (deceased) he looked like one of those "popples" he was a little furry ball that you could hardly see his face or legs but he had this 6 inch long tail sticking out he was only about 3 months at that point.
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OMG!!! ...I never see it a long tail!...but shes soooo lovely!! ....
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What an adorable picture! JC has a long tail and when his body was smaller, it appeared even longer! Took him to grow to about 14lbs before it "fit". I never thought to measure how long though (always thought that was a guy-thing) When JC wakes up, I'll get out the ruler!
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