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Do Cats get Bored?

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I have recently (3 weeks ago) moved my cats from my parents 3 bedroom house to my own 1 bedroom apartment. I have of course tried to make the transition as comfortable as possible for the kids but I tend to think they are bored. They keep looking at me like "well now what?" I try to play with them at least 1-2 solid hours a day but they tend to get bored quickly and then yell at me. They seem to entertain themselves durring the day while I'm at work by ripping my comforter off my bed and playing king of the castle. I am wondering if they may be over or under strimulated. The other day after a fire alarm at the apartment they were deffinately over stimulated, it took me 3 hours to calm them down
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Cats do get bored and thats when behavior problems usually surface. Or they just get super lazy which isn't always good either. I try to provide as much enrichment as I can think of. When I'm at work they sleep the entire time so they are wide awake when I get home. Cat trees, hidey holes, toys are all good. I've often wanted to get one of those bird videos for them. We used to live in a 1 bedroom apartment but upgraded to a townhome, still are restaints. I have one of those suction cup bird feeders, though we are still working on actually getting the birds (the other day though my cat thought she could jump on the bird feeder and went flying right into the sliding door, poor thing she won't do that again!). Also make sure the window blinds are open so they can look outside. I also think an open window when you are home, weather permitting is really fun for the cats (I try to keep the sliding door open and they love it). Also, kitty pets like fish are great, only if you don't mind having them yourself. The biggest thing I want to get this holiday season is a fish tank. I want to have fish anyway but I know the cats will love it! Also they usually like it when you grow some grass for them! Thats always a big hit with my kitties. I keep a bunch of spare refills ready for when the grass eventually dies. It dosen't take long to grow and very food proof.
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get a fish tank for them to watch and put a comfy perch for them next to it. i guarentee they will be entertained for hours!
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Try a kitty sitter DVD too or just throw on Animal Planet.... Animal Planet always goes on my tv when I leave the apartment and Oliver LOVES it! I occasionally watch it myself as well and he likes to perch right on the edge of the bed and watch!
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My 8-year-old girl Pete Pete has recently become bored & destructive, despite the fact that we have moved from a 2-bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom house! I have tried a few things to help her...there are 2 that have seemed to make a difference:
1. I made her a puzzle-box...you can but them as well (for an example, see this link: http://www.pawshop.com/pecatputoysy.html) but it was much more my speed to make one out of a cardboard box. You can put treats, toys, or even just some dry kibble inside to give your babies something to occupy their minds.
2. I started clicker training her. This only takes 5-10 minutes out of my day but we both get a lot of enjoyment out of it. So far she can walk on her hind legs & go where my finger points (which is a great tool for when she gets on the table when she shouldn't!). This link will take you to a cat clicker training group, where you can get more information & advice for free:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Cat-Clicker/

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This article (click here) has lots of nice ideas to help keep indoor cats entertained.
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If everyone else is sacked out, Hammie will get totally bored and become Mr. Destructo. You can tell cuz he walks around the house, "talking" to himself, beating up his straws, milkrings, and tailless mice.

By the time he's done beating up all the non-living things, he will move into pouncing on Dusty who is all curled up on the sofa; or walking by Snickers who is busy staring out the window, then he'll swat him on the head & stand there a minute before Snickers gives chase.

Boredom doesn't last long in my house! Sometimes it's like the locomotion in there, all the cats running mad and we really feel left out.

If I were you, I'd leave the TV on for them (Animal Planet was a good mention) and increase your vertical space. Get some floor-to-ceiling spring mounted cat trees, window perches, etc.
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Seppolina - thanks for the clicker link! I've always been interested in clicker training and I didn't know there was a users group for it. I'd love to work with my kitties and the clicker.
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Great ideas everyone thanks!

I'm going to try to construct a puzzel box that looks great. I'm not sure if the clicker training would work for my kitties, i'm lucky if they come when I shake the cat treat container *smile*

Right now my kids have a whole bunch of toys a cat tree and my conforter to keep them entertained along with a window seat so they can watch birds. I am unfortunately not allowd to feed birds at my apartment since I am on the 19th floor and the building dosn't like the amount of birdie poopies it generates. They do have my hampster to watch and my hampster gets to terrorioze them at least once a night when I put him into his excercise ball so he can run after the cats.... it's entertaining as hell you can imagine
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Haha thats great!
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Instead of one or two solid hours of play, you might try breaking it up into ten-minute blitzes -- I understand most kitties prefer that.

If the management doesn't allow a birdfeeder, would they at least let you put a birdbath on your balcony?

Maybe you could put some pots out there with plants specifically chosen to attract butterflies! If you google "butterfly garden," you'll find plenty of information on how to do that.

I'll bet you get some nice breezes on the nineteenth floor -- how about a few garden spinners and twirlybirds and so forth? Anything that makes motion would be enjoyable to your kitties...
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What I meant by solid is good quality play without them trying to knaw off my hand... I play with them when I get in the door for a few minutes, then get their food, then get my food, then play while my food is cooking. I disperse play between comercial breaks durring the few shows I watch and doing housework.
I would love to have butterflies for them but it's droping to -10 degees at night and if it were not so cold i'm not sure Butterflies would make it up 19 stories to my balcony.
Hummmm the whirliegig idea may fly, i'll have to try to find some befor they are all packed up for the winter. Maybe even some feathers ties to a string tied to a pole would interest them.
Thanks for the ideas!
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I've heard of a lot of people screening in their porches. They have some really high quality fish netting thats clear and undetectable as far as covenants are concerned. There are companies that will install it for you too. I think I read about it on one of my lists. I thought that sounded like a great idea. You'd have to make sure a claw couldn't do it in, but there are materials out there. Wow I can't imagine a balcony 19 floors high, awesome!!
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