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Keeping them from getting into (in their eyes) "The Good Stuff"

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Okay, so about two months ago, we had adopted two 5 month feral kittens. Happy to say, they have adapted nicely to us and their new home. One will never be a lap cat, but he lets you pet him when he's in the mood, but the girl has become a little attention princess.
Anyhow, here is my question. With these two, coming home is a new adventure. Always. There is always something they have gotten into and torn to bits. I know it is pointless to freak out and get mad, but I admit I spend at least a quarter of my time cleaning up after these little "excursions."
Lately, it's the trash in the kitchen. Woke up this morning and the can was on its side and there were a ton of new "toys" they had discovered. I did the usual, giving them a couple of dirty looks, sighing, then chuckling to myself, before I cleaned it up.
I am getting a new, more secure trash can today, but is there a spray or something like Bitter Apple for keeping them away from things? Is there some sort of spray to deter them from going near things in the first place, before they chew or attack the empty Coke bottle?

I love them to death, but its like having two drunk, rowdy roomates.
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Welcome to kittenhood! The sprays you have to keep applying but might help. We have been going through all the things you just described. Its just all apart of making your home kitten proof. We had to get a new trash can with a lid. Also double sided tape (Walmart buy the carpet tape, works great!). They hate the feeling of stick stuff. All of my breakables/frames after many being knocked down and only one breaking I'm still a little paranoid. So I'm going to use that sticky-stuff (sometimes its blue, stretchy, sticky, easy to form), that you use to put posters on the walls without nails, to hold down some of the easy to knock over stuff. It wouldn't be perfect but the occasional bump will help keep it from crashing down.

I've come downstairs after a night of sleep to find everything on top of the refrigerator strewn across the floor with magnets knocked off and it looks like such a mess. Heaven forbid my cats learn to open cabinets!! Its all apart of kitten proofing. Like little kids they get into everything.
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Yes, I feel your pain. I am not at a point where I am willing to surrender just yet. And the funny thing is, when one "toy" is taken away, so to speak, they inevitably find something new to get into. I expect them to eventually just take the car out for a joyride one night.

Its like coming home to a break-in everyday.

Hmmm...maybe I could have them arrested?
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I think the thing that will help you best in this situation is your sense of humor, which fortunately seems intact. I have a feeling that you are experiencing the dubious joys of kittenhood. You might try the bitter apple on the things you really, really don't want them to get into, but I've never had much luck with it. Maybe others can chime in if they've had better luck with it. Aside from that, you'll just naturally fall into "kitten-proofing" your home...putting all breakables away, all food put away immediately, etc. When I got my first kitten, she used to purposely knock over any drink sitting out. To this day, I keep a hand on my glass...she stopped doing that at the age of about 2, which was about 17 years ago, but my hand is still on my glass.

They train us.
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