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Cost of flea treatment? WOW!

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I called the vet. $42 for 1 month???? (3 treatments in 1 pkg)
Does that sound like a lot to anyone else???
Is there anyplace to get this stuff cheaper? ( I mean I DO want to get rid of the fleas , so don`t want to use anything cheap from Walmarts, but I`d sure like to find it at less than $42, and I only have 2 cats, both indoors, so hopefully this treatment will get rid of them till warm weather in the spring!!!
Thanks for any info you can give.(PLEASE RUSH ANSWERS...I need to get it today...I can`t stand the thought that they have fleas!!!! Poor babies)
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Let me just start by saying that anything you buy over-the-counter will probably not work to get rid of your fleas, so in essence you will have spent that money for nothing and will still end up at the vet's for the correct stuff. Also, flea treatment is prescribed by the vet according to your cat's weight, age, etc.

Our vet charges $53.40 for 6 doses (6 months) worth of Advantage and $80+ for 6 months worth of Revolution and that's for a cat the size of Bijou who is 16 lbs. (I just called them to check this out.)
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Yes, there is definitely sticker shock on those flea treatments, but I figure that's just part of the fun of being a pet mommy. Besides, the protection is worth every penny. I think I pay about $45 for 4 months of Advantage (depending on whether it's on sale at the vet or not).

Since you already have an infestation, I would definitely pick up whatever the vet prescribed from them today. But come spring, you might be able to shop around from the online pharmacies (depending of course on what your vet prescribed and if he/she is willing to transfer that prescription for you.)

Good Luck!
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