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My cat locked himself in the bathroom!

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I cant believe this happened this morning. I usually keep my master bathroom door closed and Griff was in there when I closed the door when I came out of there this morning and I didnt know.
My daughter was going to get ready for school this morning and went in to get something and the door wouldnt open. Griffin had opened a drawer and the drawers open and block the door when you open them. The door opens inward. I tried everything, taking the doorknob off and trying to close the drawer with a metal clothes hanger that I bent, a stick, you name it. I couldnt get it closed so I had to break through the door with a hammer and close the drawer, so now I have to buy a new door for my bathroom. I'm going today to buy childproof drawer locks for that set of drawers by that door and a new door. I was getting kind of panicky with Griff stuck in there. I'm so glad I got in! I called my husband, and he just laughed and said might of known it was Griff that did it. He gets into everything. Hope the rest of the day goes ok!
I know Griffin thought I was nuts pounding a hole in the door with a hammer!
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something similar happened here.. except it there was no animal on the other side.. we ended up taking the door off by its hinges.
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Sorry to laugh, but I love the way you explained it!

I bet Griffin was having so much fun seeing the chaos he'd caused!
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we had something similiar happen a few years ago.
I had a furbaby named Chance (if it wasnt for us taking him in he wouldn't have had a chance in the world). Somehow he got stuck inbetween the cabinet walls and we had to lift the whole counter top off! I still to this day dont know HOW he got in there!
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I am cracking up at your description of the chain reaction that Griffin caused. You have to get a new door?
What a sweet little kitty.
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I'm assuming you panicked and broke the door rather than simply take the hinges off!
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No more scary your meowmy!

Spyder had a spell of shutting himself in the bathroom, but luckily there is nothing to block the way.
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You broke through the door?!! That's one impressive escapade for Griffen. I'll bet he's bragging to his cat friends big time about this!
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No I didn"t panic that bad, the hinge pins where you take the door off are on the inside of the bathroom. No way to get the door off other than what I did. Believe me I was thinking about all my options. Even taking the doorknob off and trying to close the drawer didnt work at all. It was too far down to the drawer.
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I would have done the same thing!! I'm sorry to laugh but that is so funny! I told Eric my hubby and he just shook his head and said the things we do for our cats.
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.....so sorry for the laught! :......
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Wow, what a morning!! PushyLady is right - Grif sure earned his bragging rights on this one! BTW, I went & checked my bathroom door, and its hinges are on the inside too, which is great if you're locked in, not locked out!
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