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Weekend in PA

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Hello all!!

Well, we all made it back in one peice. All a little tired, but it was well worth it. Friday we went to a HUGE mall across from the Motel. It took us about 3 hours just to walk a third of it. Of course my daughter got spoiled by Rene, Donna and Michele. They took her to a build a bear and bought so many outfits for the cat she got to build, they got another free outfit. Then of course we all bought a multi colored beanie cat. We were spending our money before we even got to the Expo! We all went to lunch at the Hooters there in town. My hubby had never been to one so it was real fun. Rene got my daughter a shirt that says " my dad went to Hooters and all he got me was this T shirt"
Saturday was really fun. We all got to take the cats to the show. Everyones cats did pretty well. Then of course we had the awards banquet that night. It was at a very nice place and we all got to clap for those who won year end awards. Rene's cat Milo won a regional award!! He is something else, I have never met a cat as cool as Milo!! We didnt get to bed until midnight!!
Sunday was just as fun, we were a little tired, but still enjoyed the show. I finally put myself on a waiting list for a Maine Coon cat. I have adored the breed for many years and finally decided on a breeder to buy from. Within the next year I should be getting him. Of course, I was offered a Cornish Rex and have not decided if I can bring another baby into the house right now. After we were all done and had layed on the bed for a good hour, we went to a really nice steak house for dinner. We had a drink and toasted to a good weekend!! I cant say enough about AACE and being with people who adore cats as much as I. It gives me a chance to travel and meet new people as well. I think next time I will bring a laptop though, I sure did miss the site!!
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It's so nice that you are all back. Congratulations on bringing home a new addition to your home. A year may seem like a long time to wait, but the time flies by.
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Oh Sandie! It sounds like you all had such a great time!! and Rene must be so proud of Milo!!

It is great to have you all back! Glad you had such a good time!!

*wishes she could have went...sigh*
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I have really missed being on the site but I am trying hard to get my house back on track and I am in the middle of a horrible rescue that I will tell everyone about in a few days!

This can be my only post tonight as it is almost midnight and tomorrow is a work day.

The weekend was wonderful. We brought home our newest addition, a show quality Abysinnian kitten who is six months old and has a personality to die for. He did very well this weekend at his first show, including one Best Kitten - I gave the ribbon to Frannie, the wonderful breeder and my wonderful friend who gave the kitten to my husband. I promise to get a picture on the site as soon as I can take some time to myself to play on the site!

Also, my Milo? He is a wonderful five year old blue eyed white cat who is truly one of a kind - he was Best of the Best in Household Pet this past weekend and he also won enough of points to earn him the title of Imperial. This takes a long time and he did it in a year and a half. Milo is a therapy cat, a television star in our local tv show and he goes to schools, shows and pet expos to let people see what a rescue can be! He became ninth best Household Pet in our region and we are going for a national award next year.

Sandy, Ken, Fran, Michele, Donna, my wonderful husband Clint who loves the cats as much as I do, made my weekend just about perfect. And my cats topped it off!

I will be back on the site in a couple of days - hope you all miss me!

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I am so happy for you Rene!!!
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Glad you all had such a great time!!!

We sure missed you over here!
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Congratulations!!! I'm extremely happy for you. I've never had a cat of my own enter in a show, but I've enjoyed many of them. Rene, your Milo sounds so interesting! Sounds like you had a great time, I always do when I go to the shows, they are so informative. I do know how proud you must be because I've seen the competition at those shows and Good Lord...that's a lot of kitties! Blessings to your kitties & all your loved ones

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