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Cats Aggressive Towards Each Other?

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I have two adult male cats (they are brothers). I just noticed that they started acting very stangely. They stand still staring at each other wailing (strange soungs coming out of their stomachs), their tails are straight up, bodies arched and their furs elevated as if they were about to start fighting. I tried separating them with mixed results. Any ideas?
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Are they neutered? If not, that will make a BIG difference to their behaviour...
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They are not neutred but I am seriously considering it. In the meantime, does anyone know what's happening and how I can deal with it?
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When I was a kid, we had 2 non-neutered brothers. When they got older, they got territorial and did the same thing. They were outside cats so the dominant one drove the other one away. I think you should definitely neuter them.
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That IS what's happening! Their hormones don't know that they're housekitties -- so they're being hormonally driven to compete with each other for territory, food, and female companionship. Having them both neutered will solve your problem, though I understand it takes a few weeks for all the hormones to fully leave their systems.

Don't worry about the surgery. Barring a bad vet or an unusual reaction to the anesthetic, it's a very minor procedure for boykitties. I was planning to watch my Clyde's surgery, but I stepped into the restroom for about three minutes... and when I came back, Clydie was already starting to wake up!

Your boys will be much happier once they have this done. Promise!
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Get them neutered and this will stop!
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I would`nt wait another day longer than I had to ...get them fixed pronto or they could start acting out a whole lot worse than they are now....and do somethings you REALLY won`t like!
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Definitely get them nuetered ASAP. They will calm down after that.
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Sounds like their fighting for territory. Neutering will help, but really all in all, it's natural for cats to be territorial. One will eventually become the dominate one, the other will the second commander.
Just watch for whoever lays down first on their side (belly showing). That's the second commander...or the one that just lost the combat.
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Don't worry, they will bounce back very quickly from the surgery. It will only get worse without the procedure. Two females might live in harmony, but not two males. Without getting them neutered they will also become sexually frustrated if they are barred access to females adn spraying will become intolerable. And that will mean more kittens if they do get access to females which woudl be better to avoid.
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