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Starting Introductions

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We have had our 7 week old kitten since she was 3 days old and have decided we need to really get working on introductions to our 6 month old castrated boy.

So far not too good - He thinks she is great to bash and bite!!!

But we are getting there, he takes longer to go in for the attack (but I think thats cause he knows he'll get into trouble!!)

Here's some photo evidence

Target Spotted

Just watching I promise!

i'm going in!

Not on your nelly!!!

Instant submission from the bubby

So what should we do to get these two together? Portia tries to sort of bat him off but he is sooooo wanting to bite her!! They have been smelling each other through the door of our bedroom for weeks now!!!

Any suggestions?

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IMO, looks like he's more curious than angry in the pictures.
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Hehe he's gorgeous!! He's gonna bat her around for a while - then she'll start giving some back, that's what happened with Sashka and Sunday. Sunday can't walk past Sashka now without getting leapt on - but it's all in play.

I think perhaps you could put the little kitten into a carrier and then have them in the same room together for a couple of days - it's not quite full interaction but it is a step up from sniffing through the doorway!
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Hehe - Yeah he looks cuddly but as soon as he gets a chance he goes wild!! Little scamp!

I will try the carrier thing - See how they go!
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