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Sick Kitten

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I have a kitten named sue and he is about 3 maybe 4 months old. About 6 days ago a friend stayed with me and he brought his kitten that he had adopted from a Katrina pet shelter. About 4 days ago he started showing signs of being sick. He's very good with using his litter box but he started having diarrhea and has been going all over the house. He’s also been meowing a lot more than usual. Also, he use to be very hyper and always ready to play and now he doesn't want to play and spends all his day sleeping.

Could it be something he got from another kitten? I'm not quite sure what to do. I just moved to a new city and don’t have any money for a vet. This is the first cat I’ve ever had and I love him to pieces, I even named him after one of my favorite songs (a boy named sue) and I really hate seeing him like this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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jrod he needs a vet and fairly quickly. Sounds like the new kitty brought a not so nice disease with him. If the diarrhea is as bad as you make it out to be, your kitty is more than likely severly dehydrated and in need of subcu fluids. Please get him to a vet quickly if not, there is a chance you could lose him.
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Let us know what happens?!
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Any news on this kitty yet???
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JRod, the kitten needs a vet ASAP!! And of course, these situations often happen at the worst times, when finances are strained. Vets know that and are quite often willing to work with you. Perhaps you could work off part of the bill in exchange for care. Try calling the vets & the Humane Society in your area for more info. on other possibilities. TCS has an excellent article on When You Cant Afford a Vet, just click at the top at "READ about: Health". There is even a website to help out if you truly cannot afford a vet - I suggest contacting them & see if you qualify. Also, contact your friend & check on the health of HIS kitten - I'm worried that these 2 little guys may have something really, really nasty, considering the deplorable conditions in the Katrina aftermath. {{{Prayers & vibes}}} headed your way!! Please post soon, as not hearing from you makes me fear that things have gotten worse for your little guy & you!! Susan
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oops and I wrote the article, I should have linked it

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