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For those with young kids

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Oh my gosh! Is that magic marker?
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Hissy, that reminds me of when I was six. I put makeup on some dogs. The dogs, Sadie and Samantha, belonged to my stepfather's mother. I used my grandma's makeup. I thought the dogs would look pretty. Boy was she(my grandma) mad!!!!

Luckily, I never had that problem with my children. They know how to write in notebooks. But my son does get into trouble. Like one time he added too much salt to some beans I was making. Or flooding the bathroom while filling the bathtub!

A word of advise. Never leave children unattended with scissors. They cut each other's hair!
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LOL. The older one looks so proud...."Look Mommy!"
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Oh my goodness! The poor baby. That must have been a mess trying to clean the poor baby up.
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Well, now you know who to blame when the baby grows up and wants a tattoo . . . lol
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And the thing is, the kids are perfectly silent when they're doing that kind of stuff. So the parent thinks "Oh, finally, they're playing nicely together." Then when you go see what they've been up to, you have to pick yourself up off the floor.

Amy cut Adam's hair once because she had heard me tell Doug that Adam needed a haircut. She said she was just trying to help. Of course, we had church the next morning, so I had to run to the neighbor's house to get her to fix it for me - a very close buzz cut.

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It must be the 'paranoid mom' in me that makes me think that poor baby could've had her eyes damaged with a pointy marker! Its kinda cute, but I'd be horrified at what could have happened to the baby if those were my kids...
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I got that one in an e-mail a couple months ago, it is so cute! I can understand your concern, though, Melissa!
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Everytie I see that pic, there are 2 things running throughy my head. #1 That little girl would be doing the hot butt boogy and #2 what the heck was that parent doing while that child could have been making her sibling blind! Then it's kinda funny.
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This is why WASHABLE MARKERS were invented!!!!!!!!! Actually, when my 2 year old colors, she always gets marker all over herself, and it comes right off with a damp cloth. I don't even panic anymore, just take her to the sink.
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