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New Cat Product that we're trying...anyone have input?

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Ok, so over the past 6 or so weeks, my babies and I have added a few new products to our lives. I wanted to list them here with my thoughts so far for two reasons: First, I want any advice that people with more experience have and second, just let others have my .02 so far just if they need a similar product. Here goes:

1. Breakaway collars from RC Pets (www.rcpets.com) I normally don't like breakaway collars because I find them all over my house which doesn't leave me confident about them staying on if a cat somehow got out of the house, but I like these. They're really adorable, they're made of a more heavy-duty material (sort of like a dog collar) and I can break the clasp but it's a lot tougher than the last and no one here has busted out in the past 6 weeks. I feel safe about them being able to break if someone gets stuck, but not just by scratching or playing.

2. Felidae Cat and Kitten dry: so far, we really like this food and everyone's a lot more healthy than with Evo. Anything I should be concerned about with this food?

3. Trader Joe's Canned Food: Even my picky one LOVES this stuff. They cost about .49 for a 5.5oz can and they are all natural with surprisingly low ash and magnesium.

4. Dental Fresh from Synergy labs: This is a organically-derived chlorophyll based tooth washer that goes in the water. My cats don't seem to mind it in the water and it makes the cats-breath-smells-like-cat-food smell go away. I'm not a dental professional and my E-Vet tech friend said it would take a few weeks to show visible results, but that if it works, I'd have to put them under for cleanings less often (though, i'd obviously still have to do it). Any concerns about putting chlorophyll in the water that anyone has heard?

5. Grizzly Salmon Oil: I got this for the extra Omega 3 and 6's...it's also suppoed to condition their coats and keep their skin healthy, which is something we need in a radiator heated-apartment. I've only been using this for a few days so I obviously don't see visible results yet. Anyone familiar with using this oil?

That's it. Any input is welcome!
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Well you know I am familiar with Felidae, and I've tried the Trader Joe's - time to go try some again, since I now have 3 cats on wet food only diets, with very picky tastes lately (sigh).

The Grizzly Salmon Oil I am familiar with, those whose cats like it, swear by it and are very loyal to the product. I like the company and I like the product

The Dental Fresh I'll be very interested in hearing your experience with over the next few weeks, I need to find such a product for one of my 2 former strays (poor fellows, the only "straight-eared" kitties in the house), as one has issues with gingivitis and won't eat CET dental chews, hates dental gell, won't eat any food with Wysong Dentatreat on it <@@>...argh!!
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#2 - I've been using Felidae dry for some time now and am 100% satisfied with it, and so are the kitties.
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