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sore on kitten's belly

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kitten just turned 11 years old. about three weeks ago, she had her annual checkup/blood workup. everything was excellent. about 6 days ago, i noticed an infected sore about one cm in diameter on her belly, so we took her to the vet. the vet's first reaction was that even though kitten had been spayed prior to her first heat, that she had mammary cancer. we were given a weeks worth of antibotics, and sent home with the possibility of a biopsy a week later. yesterday (saturday) the sore was totally open, so we took kitten to the emergency vet clinic. this vet said that the sore opening was positive & that cancer wouldn't be the first thing she'd consider, and it could just be that kitten got into something (she is an indoor cat, but sometimes escapes outdoors) and just got an infection. we were told to continue the antibiotics, put a warm compress on the sore twice a day to draw out the infection, and to push back the biopsy for another week or so, to give the antibiotics a chance to take effect.
kitten still has an appetite & is as fiesty as ever. the infected area doesn't seem to bother her at all, and has begun to drain. however, i am worried because it looks like another sore might be starting to appear (although i also might just be super paranoid). my question is, i guess, how often do tumors just spring up overnight with an outward manifestation like a sore? it seems kind of strange to me, but i have had kitten since i was 13, and she has been my constant companion (aside from the four years i spent in college). does anyone have any ideas/suggestions?

thank you very much.
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It seems odd to me too that a tumor could come on that fast. I`d let the vet know if it really becomes apparent that there is another one coming on. He may just tell you that the meds she`s already been given should handle it...but better for himto know anyhow.
Get well soon Kitten!!!
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