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My cat Reeses has issues....need help

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Ok I have a 2 year old cat named Reeses. We have 2 other cats a boy and girl both neutered and spayed. They're names are Bonnie and Clyde, they are about 6 years old. Reeses is not spayed because she has a bad heart murmur and they told us it would be too risky. Anyways, Reeses used to like being picked up and petted. But after she had her kittens which was about 5 months ago and we found homes for them, shes just been really mean. She doesnt like when i pet her or hold her and whenever she sees me come and try to pet her she runs away and hides behind the corner, like we are playing a game. Then she will run out and hang onto the side of the door and look at me and then jump down and run away. Sometimes when i am sitting in bed she will come up to me and want me to pet her so i do....and shes fine and purring and then just all of a sudden she attacks me and bites me and scratches me and then runs away. About a couple of months ago she has been fighting with Bonnie, our 6 year old cat. Reeses screams and screams and I come running in there and they arent really fighting I think she might do it for attention? This happens about a couple times a week....Ive seen it once. Bonnie ran up to Reeses and tried to play but Reeses screams and runs away. Shes just a grumpy mean cat now.....any advice would be gradly appreciated! Thank you for listening! -Cindy
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I think the issues are a result of not being spayed. Since the vet thinks it is too risky because of the heart murmur, having it done is out of the question I guess. I suppose you could try getting a second opinion on that, but it may be the same conclusion.

You may have to keep her isolated from the other cats in a dark and cool room, if possible and especially when she goes into heat. Also discuss options with your vet, maybe there is something they can recommend.
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I would get a second opinion re: having her spayed. Having kittens also places a great strain on the heart. People with some kinds of heart disease are not even supposed to strain when they have a bowel movement, so pushing out a litter of kittens has to be much worse for the heart.

Have her evaluated by a board certified cardiologist to find out what if any heart condition she might have. Sometimes heart murmurs are benign, and if the cat is young they can outgrow them entirely.

From my experience, I had a 10 week old kitten with a level 3 (out of 6) heart murmur spayed and she had no problems at all. I did not know she had the heart murmur at the time she had the surgery but I found out about it when she went to the vet for an upper respiratory infection a couple of weeks later.
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I took Reeses to 2 different vets and they felt for a heartbeat and said right away that she has a bad heart murmur but I will try a cardiologist. Thank you for your help!
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I wonder if shes become hyper sensitive? Even teh smallest touch can set off a cat, very suddenly too. I read in one of my books (written by a feline behaviorist) where she told a story about a hyper sensitive cat. Just a thought.
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