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posting pix

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I am SOOO frustrated! I don't know whether to scream or, beat my head upon the keyboard. I cannot get photos out of my computer and onto the Web. My publishing wizard sends me to MSN but the picture I want to send doesn't show up on my browser. I tried Yahoo Photos but it says that it can only upload JPEG. WHAT is JPEG? I have a new HP computer and Windows Xp. The instructions are pretty straightforward and I am a , reasonably intelligent woman. WHY can't I get this to work?
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jpeg is a type of photo that is really user friendly to computers. Meaning that it isn't to big and hard to upload. When you go to export your photo you should be able to click on the section that will either show Export Files or Type and it will show TIFF or GIFF or something, if you click on the arrow to the right of this box you should see other options jpeg being the one you want. Click on that and then export the photo and see if that works for you. Probably clear as mud to you huh? Or if you like, email me the photo and I will be happy to post it for you here.
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Don't feel bad. I think I am a reasonably intelligent person also, but I have no idea how to do this either. Thanks Hissy for helping! You are a doll, as always!!!!!!
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I also had problems at the beginning, when I'd use the upload button here at TCS. But now I just store all my photos at ofoto.com and they are easy to use the IMG tags to get them here. Dont get frustrated, you'll get it!
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