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fallin biscuit cookie at church landed on me (LOL)

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I went to the 9:30 service this morning and while the pastor had a moment of silent prayer i felt a thump on my leg and then a noise I open my eyes and looked down and there it was a biscuit I didnt want to laugh out loud cause we were in are silent prayer i could hear the lady above me telling son or daughter to sit down now it wasnt long after that the pastor was reading something from the bible abd another biscuit came flying down the guy behind me started laughing I just had to share this thought it was funny
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Little kids at church can be pretty funny!
One year at my church back home the youth ministers son, who was about 6 at the time, dropped a candle during Xmas eve services and almost set the place on fire!
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Don'tchya hate when you really want to laugh at something when you REALLY need to be silent! That's the worst!
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The text wasn't about manna, was it?!
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That was so funny I almost choked on my lunch!
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I'm a preacher's kid, and my mom was the church organist which meant that my brothers and I had to sit on the front row, with an old lady we called Aunt Marie even though she wasn't our aunt and we wouldn't have wanted her to be, and God help us if anybody acted up during the service. Fortunately, I gained an incredible amount of admiration for my father's preaching (and my mother's musicianship) over the years, and those Sunday mornings are treasured memories now.

But biscuits in the pews? Aunt Marie would have KILLED us. LMAO
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LOL! That is so funny! I hate when you have to laugh in church! We call it "Church Laugh Syndrom" - it figures that even the not really all that funny stuff makes you have uncontrolable laughter! Its the worst! You sit there shaking and jerking trying to NOT laugh! LOL

( I think that I snorted once when I had a bout of CLS .. hehe. Oops.)
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Attack of the killer biscuits!

When my little brother was about three, he pulled on my mom's skirt during prayer and loudly stated 'Mommy, wake up! I gotta pee!' I'm suprised we weren't kicked out.
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That is so funny. How in the world did you keep from laughing.
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I have had a case of CLS during Mass during High School - so bad that I actually burst out laughing during prayer and could not stop. Needless to say, I never went to Mass for the rest of my high school years!

That is so funny Rhonda!
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Haha, I would have bursted out laughing!!
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He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.
Job 8:21

Just a suggestion from the resident cattle worshiping godless heathen devil pagan.
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That is funny!!! You gotta love kids in church!!
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