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Ear mite remedy...

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What is the best? We want to order online and do it at home instead of spending $50 for the vet to do it. I've looked at the Drs. Foster and Smith
http://www.drsfostersmith.com/produc...pc=1&N=0&Nty=1 and this brand from 1800petmeds...http://www.1800petmeds.com/pdetail.asp?SK=3311

Do any of you have any experience with either? Or can you recommend something better?

Thank you,
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Drs. Foster and Smith is good. As long as you aren't buying it from a grocery store you should be okay. It is always best to get this stuff from the vet. Are you sure it is ear mites and not just a little built up dirt? Or an ear infection? Or are you just getting this to prevent ear mites? Because I am pretty sure some flea meds treat ear mties too, Revolution maybe? That way you are taking care of all the bug related problems in one dose of meds.

Anyways, we use ear miticide, the first link, at my shelter and it works well. If you are just wanting to prevent mite from occuring then they might have just a general cleansing wash you can get to keep the ears clean instead of a medicated treatment.
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Well, Angel doesn't have fleas...I check all 3 cats every 2 days. They are on Frontline all year round as well as the dog. She has these large blackish gray lumps in her ears and she itches alot. I've cleaned her ears numerous times using OtiCalm that I got from my vet. It seems to help with the itching, but does nothing to eliminate the issue. I thought about getting the Eradimite and trying it first. If that doens't solve the issue, off to the vet we'll go.

**edited to add**
I'd like to try an at home remedy before spening $50 at the vet.
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The products look basically equivalent and should be fine. Just be aware that pyrethrin can be toxic if overdosed, and follow the instructions strictly.
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I am pretty sure frontline should work on earmites (not 100% though as we don't have it in Canada). How old is your cat? These large greyish lumps could be polyps in her ear. This is pretty common in cats and could irritate her. They would need to be surgically removed if that was the case. Ear mites look like a black crumbly discharge usually.
Edited to add: That Miticide is a concentrated permethrin- that is the same ingredient that is in the Hartz spot on flea treatments. IMO it won't work well and is not very safe.
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I recently noticed that my cats ears were really red, irritated, and very dirty on the inside. I thought it was earmites and treated her with Eradimite I had to take my cat to the vet the other day because her ears got worse. He said that it was a really bad infection, not earmites. So before treating your cat I would make sure it is really earmites.
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I just treated one of my kitties with revolution. It requires two doses applied over 2 months ($15/each) to kill mites and eggs. It is applied like frontline and also kills fleas and is a heartworm preventative.
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try using stronghold instead of frontline - it pretty much does everything - deworms, defleas, and is 'also licensed as a single treatment to kill ear mites and fox mites (put it on the skin in the usual place, NOT in the ear).'

we use this every 4 weeks and have never had any probs with ear mites, fleas etc - it costs about £12 per shot here..

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When we first got Saba we used Tresoro, and it was great.
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I've had good luck with "Ears Alright" from Ark Naturals if you'd like to go the all natural route.
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