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Blood flecks in sink...???

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This morning I got up early and found 4-5 dark "flecks" (about the size of fly poops) in the bathroom sink. When I turned on the water they streaked a tiny bit as blood would.
When my hubby got up I mentioned it to him...and he said he has noticed that before too ,off and on ,for several months. (He`s usually the first one in the bathroom in the mornings) but it was so minute that he did`nt think anything of it.
The sink was clean when I went to bed last night, and the only "people" in the bathroom were the cats....so it had to have come from one of them.
I took a wet, white washcloth and swabbed each of the cats mouths and their paws...and nothing.
The specks were not right together (as if from a paw print) but were spread maybe like sneeze flecks.
I hardly ever hear one of the cats sneeze though...not more than 1 or 2 sneezes a month out of the 2 of them. (And I`m a "stay at home Mom" to my kitties.
They are both eating and doing the "3 Ps" just fine. (Playing, peeing and pooping.) Soooo is this something to be worried about or am I just being an over procetive Mom???
I`m pretty sure it is blood though...don`t know what else it could possibly be...but with the size of the flecks even if they were in there everyday, it would take months for them to add up to even a single droplet.
Toby had a URI earlier this summer...could it be leftover still from that???
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Could be fleas?? I know flea dirt looks a bit like blood when wet. Maybe ring your vet to see what they think?
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sounds like flea dirt. I had to give a cat a bath that was infested with fleas and its coat went from white to red. So check for fleas.

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Yep. I think your cats have fleas. Get some meds for that from the vet quick or you will have a house infested with them.
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Another vote for flea dirt. Either see if you can buy Advantage or Frontline from a high-end pet supply store (not PETsMART or Petco and NOT the grocery store, Wal-Mart, or any similar store), or make an appointment with your vet to get flea treatment prescribed. Do this quickly and you will nip the problem in the bud.
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Hummmm....well, since you all thought the same thing...I fugured the mystery was solved....even though both of our cats are indoor only, we`ve held both Tedy and Toby down and looked them over really good but did`nt find a single flea on either of them. (We`d have been surprised though if they had had them, as fleas LOVE my hubby, and whenever the dog we used to have got them, HE`D KNOW IT, cause they`d bite the dickens out of HIM!)
Sooo...now I`m stumped again.
Thanks for the replies , all of you...guess I`ll call the vet in the morning and see what he thinks.
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Unless you used a flea comb, the chances of actually seeing a flea are pretty slim. They are pretty fast and it is difficult to part the fur enough to see well.
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A good way to tell if your cats have fleas is to flea comb them on a white sheet of paper or cloth then see if there are any black specks on the paper after combing. Black specks would be flea dirt.
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The sink and counter is white....I don`t have a flea brush...but I did comb them on that counter and YES there are specks! So they must have them!!!
I can`t hardly believe they have fleas! They are indoor cats. How would they get them? And why are`nt they scrathcing a lot? I hardly ever see them doing that at all.
I`m going to call the vet and get something tomorrow......
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The vets office agrees with you all.....so I gotta go and get the treatment today. Sure hope I can find it cheaper than $42 ! I only need 2 treatments (2 cats) but it comes in 3 per box and it`s 1 treatment per month...sure seems like a lot of $...but if that`s what I have to pay then my boys are worth it. It just seems like it should be cheaoer or at least be able to get just the amount of doses i need if it`s $14 a treatment!
How do indoor only cats get fleas anyhow???
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You can actually bring fleas in on your clothing.

Also when cats groom themselves and ingest the fleas, they can get tapeworms so keep an eye on that too.
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Oh my! That`s just GREAT! How will I know????? Or should I treat for that too???
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