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Tornado hit Southern Indiana last night... :-( - Page 2

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WOW, what a night!
We are all OK, Thank GOD.

We only got the thunderstorm part of it.
My daughter lives near Greenriver and Washington and it got a little too close to them for my liking. But luckily stayed about a mile south of them, and then about 2 miles east of them. She has a basement and her and hubbs were still up and took the 2 puppies and went till it passed them.
My son didn't even know we had a tornado. lol
He was at a party and was drinking along with everybody else and was sucker punched in the face a couple of times. So we spent 3 hours in the ER this afternoon because he hit him back and did some damage to his own hand in the process. I don't condone him fighting, but in this case, the guy got what he deserved.
Jake is ok, very sore and bruised, but will be OK.

btw, thanks for all those worried about me.
I live near Whirlpool and we didn't get hit bad out this direction.
Glad to hear you are all safe!!!

GOD BLESS all those who are dealing with this tragic storm.

My kids know a young man they grew up with that was killed by this storm.
Jake Fuhrman I think is his name.
He had been out with my daughter's best friends brother. (i know hard to keep track there). Anyway this girls brother had been out with the guy and had just taken him home shortly before the storm hit, and went home. He hadn't heard the news yet last I heard.
RIP Jacob. (not my son Jacob) THANK GOD!
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Total of 23 reported dead now.
They are searching for more.
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oh dear.. praying for those who are affected by the tornado...
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So I just found out that the roof got torn off a night club and something like 4,000 are without power in Fort Wayne. Several roads are closed because of power lines and trees. If we got hit this bad just from a thunderstorm I can't imagine the folks that got hit by the tornado.
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My prayers are with everyone there. My Steve is from Evansville, and he was on the phone calling his family right away as soon as I heard.

and he told his mom I should be down there helping wrangle up the horses. I couldnt help but laugh a little. and If i could I would be there in a heart beat!
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They posted stories about each person in the local newspaper this morning. Those poor people! And the little kids...

It showed one lady searching through some rubble and found some old report cards...one had a child's drawing of a tornado on the envelope.

I'm going to make time to go volunteer tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by LaceyDF

I'm going to make time to go volunteer tomorrow.
Good for you!!!
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The survivors' stories are coming out now and there was one that our ABC afiliate covered. A woman whose home was destroyed (and she was in it) gave birth afterwards. The baby was overdue and if it had been born it may not have survived because the bassinet was blown down the road! The relatives of the family killed in DeGonia Springs (including the 8 month pregnant woman) have given the baby the items they had purchased for the deceased infant. :touched:
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I was hoping to find a direct link to the story, but couldn't.
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Oh my gosh!I hadn't heard that story yet, Jan. Wow...

They showed the a picture of the baby from the lady who died (8 months pregnant). They delivered it after they found her dead, stillborn, and showed a picture of the baby.
They are putting the baby in the casket with its mom.
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I heard they had the funeral for the family today. And there is one more death as one person injured died today of their injuries.

Our lapidary member who lives in an area affected (minor damage to her home but it is livable and they have electricity) commented Wednesday night about going through post traumatic stress.
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And from what news I've heard, the tornado hit businesses not too far from the local humand society!
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