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Nutrition/Supplements help glaucoma??

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My Maine Coon cat, Roy Orbison Gato, has developed glaucoma in his remaining "good" eye...I saw the abnormal dilation of his pupil on Thursday Nov.3rd a.m. and rushed him to the veterinary opthamologist in Richmond...I had a migraine too..not a fun drive, but one of those "have to do it" things..
Anyone have any holistic nutrition/supplement/vitamin suggestions for Roy??? I'm taking him on Monday Nov. 7th for a pressure re-check and am going to ask the vet about oral Vitamin E.. just a thought....
He lost the sight in his other eye and had to have surgery on it earlier this year...now the remaining eye has suddenly started to fail, despite the continuing steroid drops the vet prescribed....groan...
His vision is iffy since Thursday a.m...he's adjusting very well, but I'm still sad for him...
Ellen and Roy
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I can't offer any advice.Just wanted to say how very sorry I am for you and your cat.
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I don't have enough knowledge in the holistic area to make a recommendation myself, but the people at Holisticat should be able to help you. If you go to this link http://www.holisticat.com/lists.htm & join their group, you can post a message like the one you posted here & you'll be sure to get some answers. The list owner, Sandy, is particularly knowledgable & helpful.
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Thanks very much for the link!!! I'll try it right away!!!
Ellen and Roy O. Gato
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Roy's eye re-check today went very well...his pressure in the affected eye was a terrific 14!!!! Yeah!!! Not the 40 it was last Thursday!!!! Eek!!!
Roy sauntered his way out of his carrier and said hello to the vet, ever the swaggering rogue of a cat!!! He was very well-behaved...
We changed his glaucoma drops to a different medication, as Roy drools like ten mastiffs, poor guy, from the flavor of the initial medication...this one he seems to tolerate much better..
He's still getting two other medications..so far, so good...will have his pressure read again next Monday, then if okay, will be two months to re-check....
Roy sends meows to everyone,
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Ellen, I am so glad to hear of just a bit of improvement. You are such a caring and strong lady - I know he has THE best care possible. Lots of hugs to you!
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Thanks very much for the kind words...Roy's an INCREDIBLE cat...his ailing eye looks great today, no dilation of his pupil..he seems to be his bouncy, swaggering self..feeling fine, he says!!!!
Pats to all of your kitties,
Ellen and Roy Orbison Gato
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Roy's eye is not responding well to the medications now..I've had to go back to using the original, aggressive medication course the vet started him on....
The glaucoma's winning right now...and things WERE going sooooo well.....
Ellen and Roy
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