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Cloudy urine.

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I need some help about what it means when someone has cloudy urine, since I had it last night. I did some research about cloudy urine but it does not make sense, since all they say is I have a UTI. Last night I had cloudy urine twice before I went to bed, no smell, no pain when I urinated. Then I went to bed, and suddenly I had a bad headache, a semi-nauseous stomach, felt really warm, and had the chills. Today I woke up and my stomch feels alot better, but still not 100%, and I feel really drained, what is wrong?
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I think the best person to ask these questions of is your doctor.
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It may not mean anything, or it could mean you have a UTI. I take urine samples for work all the time and I see a ton of colors and hues. Did you drink enough water? I would drink tons, have some cranberry juice, and call your doctor.
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I don't know... Hope you feel better soon!!!
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You should see a doctor, asap! When I have those symptoms, I am often having infection or bleeding in the kidneys and/or ureters. Be especially alert for back pain, or side ache, esp. after urinating. A low grade fever can or cannot be present, or even intermittent.
As for cranberry, you can get the same results from eating blueberries either fresh or frozen (much tastier); you are changing the PH of your urinary tract, which makes it more difficult for the offending bacteria to lodge in the cells. Also, if you want to try a holisitic treatment, marshmallow root capsules (no relation to the puffs, it's a mallow-type of plant that grows in marshy areas) taken with lots of water might give you some relief. BTW, too much cranberry can irritate the kidneys/ some doctors, including my urologist, recommends 500 mg. of Vitamin C. daily.
If you drink cranberry juice, be sure to avoid any with high-fructose corn syrup, which omits OceanSpray Cranberry COCKTAIL ("Just Cranberry" is good, but tastes like lousy red wine), etc. High-fructose corn syrup is HELL on your kidneys! Langers makes a good cranberry/grape juice blend that tastes fine.
Also, avoid caffein, ibuprofen, any bleached products such as white sugar, white flour. In fact, try to reduce your acid intake, which includes meat, fish, milk products, sugars, citrus and tomatoes.
My doctor felt that my latest kidney trouble was brought on by my following my husband's Atkins diet (too much protein).
As you can probably tell, I was one of those "stoics" who would muddle through too many UTIs without seeking prompt medical treatment & now I have weakened kidneys. And don't ask about the shot for bad kidney infections - just take my advice & get professional care before things get out of hand!! What you'll read in the forums about what cats go through, well, it's the same for people
Sometimes, plenty of bed rest & avoiding stess will allow your body to heal on its own. You have been under unusual stress, what with your charitable efforts on behalf of the ferals by the railroad tracks.
{{{{Prayers & vibes}}}} that this clears up soon! Susan
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Could be simply that you dont drink enough water....but i'd definatly get to your physician! Hope you're better soon!
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What Yasmine said. It's probably just that you're not getting enough water, but have it checked out!
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Could mean several things or nothing... If it doesn't clear up, or you are very concerned make a dr. appt
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I would go talk to the dr ... since there are many things it could be rangeing from simple lack of h2o to kidneys and possibly diabetes
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Cloudy urine is often the result of albumen (same substance as egg white) in the kidneys and means an infection. Stomach ache, nausea, fever are all symptoms of hte same thing. You need to see a doctor asap.
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Please click here and read this article - for the section mentioning possible causes of cloudy urine (one being pus in the urine from a uti), scroll down to the section on "changes in urine color".

The chills, nausea, feeling hot plus cloudy urine says to me you may have a kidney infection, certainly a uti...please call your doctor or go to a walk in care center before this gets any worse! (shaking finger sternly at you)
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are you asking for yourself keith?

or could it be your asking about the symptoms of the cat in your post/cats s.o.s./really difficult situation......

does any body think they might be connected?
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