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Cat Crying Effects?

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I have what's coming on a 4 month old kitten, now.

Question. At times my kitty can't be in room. Usually when I'm on the computer (doing work), b/c she always climbs onto my lap, onto my desk. Wouldn't really be to bad, if she didn't end up stepping on the keyboard, stepping right in front of me, to watch the computer screen.

I suppose a solition to this would be to get a wireless, keyboard and/or a bigger desk.

But Until that happens, I need to keep her out of the room these periods of time. (wherever I go, she positions herself...whether it's on my lap, or just running around in the general area). But when I do this, she goes threw periods of meowing/crying, because she obviously eventually wants to come in, as she here's all the noise coming from my room (music, typing)

Would this damage our relationship, or will this eventually sink in to her that she's not allowed in at 'these moments'?

While she does obey the 'NO' command...as soon as my attention is back to what I'm doing, she quickly leaps onto the desk/keyboard.

I lost some work before because of it
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She is young and playful and still learning. All you can really do is keep saying no and putting her on the ground. Block your lap off so she cannot jump on it. Be patient, she will learn. One of our cats liked to do this so we showed her the top of the computer and now she never leaves it. I guess she likes the warmth. This way she is still right in front of us, in petting distance, but out of the way.
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My Festus girl likes to sit on top of any paperwork I am doing. The more important the work, the more likely she is to sit on it. Rarely on a magazine, almost always on papers from work.

She hates full on kisses, so I just smooch her a few times, and she gets up and leaves. It wouldn't work with Garfield, as he loves kisses! But I'm sure there is something that you can do that isn't mean, but chases off your kitty.

Or you can get a nice cozy bed near the 'puter, and teach her to lay in it. Always give her pets when she lays in her bed while you are working, and never pet her when she walks on your keyboard.

Nothing wrong with shutting her in another room, but she is not learning to stay off the 'puter that way. All she wants is attention, just be sure to give it to her when she lays quietly nearby, and not when she is pesky!
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It's not the end of the world if you close yourself off from your cat. They'll just love to see you when you come out. I hate having to put my cats in their own room at night but my fiancée a\\can't sleep with them on the bed and we can't leave them out at night due to the absolute mess we wake up to. But in the grand scheme of things, They don't mind their own room. It has their carrier and their chair and their tower. They sleep and play and eat and poop and eveything in there. In fact whne they are let out they are either with us or in their room. However, every morning when we let them out, they meow and purr and rub up against us. Mostly because they want food i bet. But they love us just the same.
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get her a friend so they can entertain each other while you're on the computer. I would be writing papers and kitten #1 would chew on my pen and bat it around while it was moving - made for some messy work. Getting kitten #2 gave me a lot more uninterrupted study time.
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No, cats, like children, need to learn their boundaries. It sounds like in every way you are a loving companion to this kitty, and she needs to have alone time anyway, so that she does not start to suffer from separation anxiety when you are not around.

Sashka likes to sleep on top of the monitor - therefore she is there with me but not interfering in anything I do.

You still have a life to lead and work to do, so your kitten cannot get in the way of this. Shutting her out of the room is not going to hurt her - you just need to make sure she has plenty to do while she's out, and that you go out at regular intervals and say hello, give her some attention and then go back to what you are doing.

It's fine!
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I can vouch for Beckiboo's recommendation! I keep two kittybeds on my desk, one on each side of the computer, so Clyde and Pearl can both be with me. They quickly figured out that the kitty on the left gets more petting, because my mouse-hand is busy most of the time, so there are a few minor skirmishes over the leftward bed... but aside from that, it works out pretty well.

That's not to say, though, that I haven't lost some work to the pitterpatter of kittypaws -- I've had to learn to hit SAVE every twenty seconds or so! But once both kitties are in place, they generally settle in and leave my keyboard alone.

One trick that's saved me a time or two: if I see an inevitable Kitty Intruder approaching, I just pull the plug out of my keyboard before the paws make contact!
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia
They quickly figured out that the kitty on the left gets more petting, because my mouse-hand is busy most of the time, so there are a few minor skirmishes over the leftward bed... but aside from that, it works out pretty well.
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I'm having sorta the same problem with mine crying - she's 3-4 yrs old (as best as I can tell since I got her 2 yrs ago and the humane society said she was around 1 1/2 (although I think closer to 1)). The only difference is that she is going into the kitchen where her food and water is and just sits in there and cries...I thought it had to do with her feather/stick toy being in the closet by the kitchen, but i've left it out and she still does it, although when I open the closet and she hears the doorknob turn, she goes nuts, smells in the closet then goes back to crying. I'm not quite sure what to do with her on this, as her food and water is fine as she is on a constant feeder. Any ideas?
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