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My Kitty Hits Me In The Face

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Ok it's not as bad as it sounds. She's 5 months old and loves to run around like crazy making really strange squeaky noises. If we're laying in bed, she'll run around the room, leap onto the bed, run at my face, and then really gentley pat me on the face with her paw, then she runs off to make some more funny noises. She doesnt use her claws and she never seems angry when she does it.

Is she mad????
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Sounds like she is saying "Hey mom, cathc me if you can". I wouldn't think she was mad at you........just trying to play.Claws out, and I would think she meant business
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It does sound like she's inviting you to play. My grandfather's 8-month-old kitten does this too (usually at 4 am!). My 8-year-old boy cat does it to wake me up in the morning if I sleep past his feeding time
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My mother's Siamese cat used to to this when she was feeling extremely affectionate. And she wouldn't do it to anyone else.
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Aww so cute. I can just picture the little one coming up and pawing at your face. Anyway, my cat loves to knead. In fact most of the time it either my stomach or my fiancée's chest or her face.
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If Sophie knows i'm awake in bed, she comes over beside me and taps at my face. I always thinks it's her way of saying " your awake so get up!"
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Yeah it's really cute when she does it. She's so naughty
I dont understand all the noises she makes though, imagine saying rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr with your mouth open a little bit, in high pitched squeaky sounds. She does this when she jumps off things, when she runs around, when you call her. It's a funny sound but just adds to her charm. Does anyone know what it is?
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Sounds a bit like "chattering" that they do when they see a squirrel or other prey through the window...
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Your little one sounds a lot like my Pearl! She often wakes me by walking up my legs, hunkering down on my chest, and licking my chin and nose. I think she's grooming me and waiting for me to return the favor!

Pearl also bounds about the house having squeaky little conversations with herself -- it's the sweetest little chirpy sound! And I love it when she's preparing for a major leap... she'll hunker and wiggle and look so intent, and then as she launches off, she makes this loud chirp that I'm sure translates as "Geronimoooooo!"

Cats. Aren't they just the most fun in the world?
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Harley does that too...he will be playing around the apartment...and he will come up and hit you in the cheek with his paw (no claws!) but then when he does it, he will run around until someone plays with him. I think its his way of saying ' come play with me! '
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Josie makes that high pitched chirp when she's surprised; like if I pet her and she didn't see me and wasn't expecting it. She'll also make that sound when she's confused, as to ask, "What's going on?"
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My Kitty Sibohan actually does somthing similar to wake me up in the morning, she lays on my chest or on the pillow beside me and uses her paw to pat my nose. Or as I see it to see which nostrill i'm breathing out of. When I first gor her though she did scratch me near the eye by mistake i'm sure. After this patting of my nose once she sees me open my eyes she runs off like crazy
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