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OMG! I just saw this.. I am so sorry! Salem and Isis and Ailey and the rest of the family are all praying that your sweet baby comes home soon. I am sure he misses you as much as you miss him. Keep your head up and dont give up looking for him (as if you would) Big hugs and prayers from us to you.
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Originally Posted by fwan
hissy, thank you for writing that he is literally not in this apartment. the lights are too dark to look upstairs i already went there and got so trace.

i am worried sick, he doesnt wear a collar and he was goibg to get chipped with kaylee when she is going for her spay.

i put out some food... still nothing
my neighbour told me that she saw a black cat running further down the road
I went there and saw nothing
i have been crying alot.
ben said he will call the animal shelter tomorrow morning

today one year ago was whn i got teufel

kaylee is by my side she wont leave me out of her sight. she, looks so alone and sad.

at midnight im going out there to look for him

we are making a poster with a 50 euro reward

i just pray he doesnt get run over
I am praying for a safe return!!!
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I hope you'll find your Teufel soon, Fran
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I was checking back and hoping for some better news by now. I'm so sorry, Fran. If my heart is aching for you, I can only imagine the pain you must be feeling. We're all thinking of you and hoping that Teufel makes his way back into your arms very, very soon.
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Please come home Teufel!
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just came online and saw this thread. Fran you must be so worried. Sending find Teufel vibes from over here in Aus. Hope he comes home soon. Stay positive. He is a clever kitty and hopefully can find his way back to the wonderful home you've given him.
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Fran, I've just seen this!

I hope Teufel comes home safe and sound VERY soon!

Can I recommend that you don't actually put the amount of reward on the poster! Just say 'Reward on Safe Return' (it saves people just looking at the money!)

Good Luck!
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i cant thank you all enough for your vibes and prayers...please keep those vibes coming..there is still nothing ive left food out side and the pillow he was sleeping on. today at 4 am we heard his meow i was out there for 10 minutes and found nothing. he must be so hungry and cold im going to look through everyones basement now wish me luck
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Prayers, good vibes, & good luck coming your way. I hope Teufel comes home soon!
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Oh gosh Fran - if you heard his meow then he is there somewhere. come on Teufel - meow some more so that your meowmy can find you!!!
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Oh Fran I'm so sorry! I just read the thread. Pepper, Pixie and I are all sending vibes your way ...we hope Teufel comes home soon, safe and sound.
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I was so sorry to read this.......Teufel needs to come home soon, and he will! I can feel your love for him in your post! Hang in there hun. (((((((Hugs))))
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Fran, great idea looking through the basements. We had a kitty gone for a couple of days, and when she came back, she smelled strongly of gasoline, so I think she got into a garage. I'm so glad you heard his meow!
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Fran, I just saw this thread. Thinking of you and Teufal and praying he makes home safely and soon.
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C'mon Teufel! Meow a little more so Fran can find your hiding place!
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Please Teufel! Come home soon!!!
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Originally Posted by alexa
Oh gosh Fran - if you heard his meow then he is there somewhere. come on Teufel - meow some more so that your meowmy can find you!!!
Yes, Teufel, meow some more!!
Fran, I have 2 candles burning in my window for Teufel's safe return home!! Please know that you are in our thoughts & prayers during this difficult time.Thank you for the updates, I have keeping the computer on all day, and check for news and was relieved that you have at least heard a meow! Susan
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This last weekend was hard for me, because I read the notice the saturday noon mexico hour and I pray and pray to this monday I saw a good new but nothing has change it...

Fran you has my thougths and my prayers to for your lovely boy!...try to stay positive...I know that he´s come back soon...
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Fran, I'm glad you've heard him. I hope he speaks again soon, so you can get an idea what direction to look. Basements and garages are definitely the target places at this point, and the darkest corners of them will be the most likely. Been there, done that. My RB Shasta disappeared like that when she was quite young, and turned up the next day in a neighbour's basement. Be ready for a terrified hug, when you get him in your arms -- I have the scars on my shoulder still, where Shasta grabbed on for dear life. Sending lots of love and "speak to Mum" vibes, to help you find your little sweetie.
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Oh Fran, I have only just read this as I have been travelling for a week. I do hope you find him soon - thank goodness you have heard him at least. I shall be sending vibes for you both, you have been through so much.
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Fran, I'm so glad you heard Teufie's meow - please Teufie meow some more. My heart is with you Fran and I'm still sending those "Teufie come home" vibes. This must be so hard for you - keep positive, he is there somewhere.
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I know you've surely exhausted yourself with searching -- but let me mention a few places you might not have thought of:

- When my Clyde was tiny, he found a two-inch gap in the corner of my kitchen cabinets where the toekicks didn't quite meet. I tacked in a shim to close it, but then saw him STILL reaching in somehow! I got a mirror and held it under the edge of the cabinet, and amazingly, there was another small gap that led UPWARD into the empty, counter-topped corner. Similar gaps can occur in soffits and indirect-lighting enclosures, too.

- Some undercounter cabinets have holes that are too large for the pipes, and this creates openings to the space between the cabinet floor and the subfloor. I would doublecheck every spot in the apartment where a pipe or duct of any kind enters. Make sure the ducts are all secure, too -- if there's a loose one, it's possible Teufel managed to get in behind it and can't get back out.

- Is there a trash chute in your apartment? I'm sure you thought of that if there is...

- Do you have a piano? I had a kitten slip inside an old upright once.

- A couple of years ago, I set up a bedroom in my parents' house for four little foster kittens. I thought I had kitty-proofed the room, but within moments after I brought the kittens in, all four disappeared! In twenty minutes of frantic searching, I eliminated every possibility... so I tried the impossible. In setting up, I had shoved a huge, heavy dresser flat against the wall, leaving a gap so narrow that I couldn't even slide my hand in between. There was no way in the world they could have gotten back there! Nonetheless, I shone a flashlight into the gap... and sure enough, no kittens.

But there was nowhere else they could be! I carefully edged the dresser away from the wall, and only then could I see that there was a two-inch gap between the back bottom edge of the dresser and the floor. I had to pull the dresser ever so gently out farther and farther until I could finally lie flat behind it and shine the flashlight in -- and there they were, four little fluffballs huddled together in a space not more than two inches high. (They were all precious, and they all found good homes within weeks.)

Finally: if Teufel really did get outside, please bear in mind how incredibly cute he is! I can't imagine he'd remain a stray for long. Most likely, some other family has taken him in, and that's why he hasn't been able to come home. So although I know you miss him desperately, please don't imagine the worst... he's probably safe and warm and being cared for.

Sending heartfelt hopes for your baby to come home soon!
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Frustrating when you can hear them but dont know where they are. Last time Buzz disappeared he had ended up under the house. It took days to coax him out. I had a cat many years ago that got into the duct work in our very old home. Keep listening Fran. When Teufel gets hungry enough he'll try harder to find you.
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Still praying for you, precious Teufel. Please hurry home to your Mommy!
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Originally Posted by fwan
I dont know what happened, today teufel looked really unhappy, i had left the window open but he wouldnt be able to get through it to go out..
I left to the kiosk to get a drink, i came home to notice he wasnt here..
The door wasnt open.
I have searched through the apartment several times, through the house and the garden, i cant find him!

Please pray that if he went out he will be safe and come back soon.
The house is so empty with out him

I am experienceing the same thing now, but I am praying and hoping for the safe return of your friend teufel.

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Keep checking basements, garages, etc., Fran. If you come to the conclusion that he's actually outside, and afraid to come to you, call the local shelter and ask them where you can rent or borrow a trap (Falle). Set that up with some food, water, and something of yours that is a bit sweaty. Teufel has really been in my thoughts these past two days. I woke up last night, and could feel Jamie snuggled up against my leg, and all I could think of was Teufel being scared, hungry and cold.
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I have been thinking a lot about Teufel as well. This is just so heart breaking. Last night I dreamed that I checked for an update on this post and Fran had posted to say she found him hiding up inside the couch. Dori hid there once and I thought she was missing. The first thing I did thismorning was check for an update. Fran, I wish so much we could all be there to help you look for him. I would be up all through the night helping and I know everyone else would be as well. Don't give up, you have so many people pulling for Teufel's safe return
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I don't know what kind of place you are living in at the moment, but I had a cat that got stuck up a chimney once - it was really hard to get him down. I could hear him but it took ages to work out where he was.
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I have been keeping up with this thread. I'm still fairly new to the board and many of you may not know who I am, but I just wanted you to know I am thinking of you and Teufel. I can only imagine the worry, but please stay positive! Could you tell from what area his little meow came from? Was it definately outside? Or is there any way at all he could have gotten into the walls or under the floor? (Made me think this since you could hear a meow from inside the house) Please keep us updated, and good luck finding your baby.
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I'm glad you heard time-now you just have to see him. Keep looking-but I know this will be hard but don't sound to scared when you call for him-it might scare him too.
Still sending "find Tuefel" vibes to you.
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