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any news fran?

sending vibes and hugs ....
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No news, its been now 24 hours since he is missing
I am making some leaflets now to stick at the kiosk and some poles around the area
When ben wakes up i will make him call the tierheim.
I am having a doubt that someone opened the window, jumped in stole him and left
I am going outside now to have look again
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stay positive my friend
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aww fwan you poor thing , i cant imagine what that must be like, hopefully he will return home soon, safe and sound
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If he is outside and has never been before, he is most likely hiding. MA always says the best time to find him is in the late night/early morning hours (3 or 4 a.m.) She also talks about leaving out a t-shirt or piece of your clothing that you have heavily sweated in to attract him with your scent. PM her and ask her for other suggestions.

Good luck, Fran.
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Please hurry home, Teufel! Praying for your little boy, Fran
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I was hoping to wake up to hear good news Fran!!, I will continue to keep you in my prayers until you are reunited with Teufel!!
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Fwan...I pray that sweet Teufel returns to your loving arms.
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Oh dear, I hope that he comes home soon, we all pray that you find him soon!!
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I'm so sorry, I hope you find him soon!
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Is your apartment then on the 1st floor? Did he have a collar with ID on??? Has he ever gotten out before??? I know how it is when a cat goes missing. I hope he turns up soon .
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Ok Fran-

Sorry, I haven't been on the board much lately.

This is what you need to do. First of all make absolutely certain he is not in your house. I know, I know you have checked, but you need to check again. This time you check on the premise that he is injured and unable to call out to you, or scared and can't get to you. Go into each room, and do the following- shut the door. Then lay down on the ground on your stomach. You want to look all around you- make a grid of the room, and search every inch. You don't search in hysterical mode, you search slowly and carefully and you just keep breathing deeply. You carefully turn over furniture, look for rips in the fabric where he could tunnel through. You empty out closets and drawers, look under chairs. Do you have a sofa bed? Cats are notorious for hiding inside the box springs. Don't say to yourself that he can't get in there, they can get everywhere. You want to look in your appliances as well, washer, dryer, dishwasher- move the refrigerator out and look behind that, look under the stove, or back behind it- LOOK EVERYWHERE

Once you have determined he is not in any room of your home, then you go outside- www.lost-pets.org will guide you with all you need to do. But first, make absolutely certain he isn't in the house, injured.

Good luck- I am pulling for both of you-
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Oh no Fran!!!

Oh I'm so sorry, you must be so worried
you moved recently didnt you? is it possible he has tried to go home to your old apartment?
I hope he turns up soon!
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Sending more come home vibes!!
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Still thinking of both of you. I was up part of the night worrying. Please come home soon little Teufel. We all miss you.
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Fran, I'm still expecting to hear the good news that Teufel is home!
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Teufel - the Black Cats Club is waiting to hear from you. - Elsa
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Fran - I have everything crossed for the safe return of your little devil
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Sending more come home vibes
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Fran, is he tattooed or microchipped? If you're absolutely positive that he's not in your apartment, now's the time to start knocking on doors. Get a good picture of him, and knock on every door in a 3 or 4 or 5 block radius, asking people if they've seen him, and requesting that they check their cellars, garages or garden sheds. Go outside tomorrow afternoon and ask the little kids playing outside if they've seen him. Ditto the school age kids going to /returning from school. Print out flyers with his picture and all pertinent information, and stuff them in all mailboxes in the vicinity. Put them on the local supermarkets' bulletin boards, too, and at the train station and bus stops.
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I was hoping for good news when I logged on this morning!!!!

We are praying harder than ever for teufels safe return! You've gotten excellent advice so far and I have nothing to add except good vibes and prayers!

I'm sure you'll find him!!! Please keep us updated!!
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hissy, thank you for writing that he is literally not in this apartment. the lights are too dark to look upstairs i already went there and got so trace.

i am worried sick, he doesnt wear a collar and he was goibg to get chipped with kaylee when she is going for her spay.

i put out some food... still nothing
my neighbour told me that she saw a black cat running further down the road
I went there and saw nothing
i have been crying alot.
ben said he will call the animal shelter tomorrow morning

today one year ago was whn i got teufel

kaylee is by my side she wont leave me out of her sight. she, looks so alone and sad.

at midnight im going out there to look for him

we are making a poster with a 50 euro reward

i just pray he doesnt get run over
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Fran, I'm so sorry, I've just seen this. Please please come home/out of hiding Teufel.

There is a chance that he could be upstairs if you're saying it is too dark up there to see properly. Can you take a torch/flashlight with you to shine into all those hard to see places? Hissy's advice is so good - are there any small holes that he could crawl into??? Under a bathtub to get under the floor boarding? You would be amazed the small gaps they could get into.

You say you have boxes around - could he have crawled into one of those??? Have you opened them. Even if there is just a small opening in the top he could have crawled in but is not able to get out.

Just to be sure - phone the Vets in the area to see whether a cat answering Teufel's description has been taken into them.

My heart is with you - I hope you find him soon
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Fran, my black cat got out and I did discover that finding a black cat is not too bad at night with a flashlight - their eyes glow! Or upstairs in the dark. If you are at all close to your old place, I would seriously check there as well. Somehow they just know how to get back to their old place.
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Still nothing I feel sick for you Fran

Come home Teufel
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Have you put food outside and looked under every porch and shrub within a 3 house radius?

It is almost certain that he is safe and nearby. He is just frightened. Look in hiding places.
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Originally Posted by fwan
hissy, thank you for writing that he is literally not in this apartment. the lights are too dark to look upstairs i already went there and got so trace.

i am worried sick

today one year ago was whn i got teufel

kaylee is by my side she wont leave me out of her sight. she, looks so alone and sad.
Fran, I hope Teufel comes home soon.
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Fwan, I praying very hard for Teufel. Very hard. I hope he hears me and is safe and turns up soon!
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Oh Fran, I am praying for Teufel's safe return...
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Fran I can only imagine what you must be going through right now I have checked this post several times today because I am just so sure that at any moment you are going to post that you have found him, and I know that you will.
Don't give up hope, with so many prayers coming your way he doesn't have an option but to show up safely.
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