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I to check this often, hoping T is home where he belongs!!! Have you set a trap with his fav food or any smelly food? By now, he is thinking like a scared feral kitty and needs to be trapped in the same way - or so most of the cat rescue web sites suggest and Cat in the Bag and others would recommend.

I willthink good thoughts for him - and you and your other baby who misses her Teufel!
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I keep on dreaming of the same place over and over again, but i went around the city and havent been able to find it!
this morning i dreamt i found him, but he had rabies I dreamt i had to take him to the vet and they had to put him down
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Oh please don't think like that. He will come home and get back to his usual self in no time. Look at all the stories people have told of cats they know going AWOL for a time, but then coming back.
You will get your baby back.
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Still praying for him to come home. (((hugs)))
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I'm sorry about your dreams, Fran.
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Originally Posted by fwan
I keep on dreaming of the same place over and over again, but i went around the city and havent been able to find it!
this morning i dreamt i found him, but he had rabies I dreamt i had to take him to the vet and they had to put him down
I´m so sorry for this dreams Fran!
don´t loose the faith I know something marvellous is coming to you!
My prayers always with you!
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Oh Fran, I am so sorry to hear about your dreams! Try to think good thoughts tho I know our fears enter into our dreams like dirty socks that we don't want!! Give yourself a hug and take a deep breath!!!
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I am so sorry about your dreams too, I really hope that you find him very soon...keep your chin up, good things will happen soon...lots of prayers and good vibes continue to come your way
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Rabies is highly unlikely, Fran. There have been a few cases among foxes this year, but all down here. Your dreams are normal under the circumstances. Have you tried looking in the area where he's been spotted very early in the morning (5 or 6)? Have you put out food there for him, and then watched, at a bit of a distance?
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Fran, keeping you in my thoughts. Don't let you bad dreams get you down.
Will keep thinking of you over the weekend but will not be here to check each day. Hopefully when I come back Teufel will be back with you too.
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My goodness...I'm so sorry for you and Teuful. But there still is hope. Not just a little hope--hope is all the same to me. No such thing as 'little hope' or 'a lot of hope'. There IS HOPE.

I have gone through the same thing. I was going to type the whole story, but that would be boring. So, long story short, my cat, Sweetie, ran away and I looked for her in a place I had a strange suspicion she was every day. I gave up hope after a few days, and cried for her often. After almost 2 weeks, I found her. So, please, don't give up. If you give up, hope almost is lost for Teufel.

BEST WISHES and a bright, pretty ray of shining hope for you and Teufel.

{{{{{{{{{{ TONS of good luck, comforting vibes and prayers }}}}}}}}}}
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Oh Fran!

He hasn't turned up at any of the local pound places??

Give Kaylee a hug for me
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Oh Fran -- you're only having bad dreams because you are as worried asleep as you are awake. I hope you find your sweet baby soon! Lots of wishes for sweet dreams and lots of prayers for Teuful's quick return!
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Could there be a hole or a small place he could be hiding in from you outside? Maybe in a basement?

Could someone have picked him up?
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Oh sweetie....
I do so hope Teufel comes back safe and sound REALLY soon!
Thinking of you so much...and little Teufel too.
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Originally Posted by felineorc
Fran, keeping you in my thoughts. Don't let you bad dreams get you down.
..........Still praying for you and Teufel Dear Fran!
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Still sending out "Come home Tuefel Vibes" and prayers. Come on home Tuefel sweetie your meowmy misses you!
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I check this thread every time I come to TCS. Soon I will check it and it will say "Teufel is back home!!". I just know it.

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Please come home soon Teufel

Fran, take care and hang in there We are all thinking of you.
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Fran, you probably already answered this, but did you go to your old place? Is there any chance he'd be able to get there? We had a cat do that three times, and it was miles and miles. By the third time, it only took her a day to get to the old house.
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Oh Sweetie *huge hugs*

I am thinking of you lots and hoping, wishing and praying your baby comes back home safely very soon.

Take care and my thoughts are with you *hugs*

Eva x
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Today is the two week mark of teufel being missing.
I have heard nothing from anyone, Im waiting for the local newspaper to see if someone has reported him missing.

Ben thinks he might be stolen, and noone is reporting him back to us, because he is alot prettier and smarter than kaylee

Kaylee is just as beautiful, and just as smart. IMO

I have lit a candle for teufel, incase if anything has happened to him.

Thank you all for keeping him in your prayers,

I have not given up on him!

Now i just have to wait and see.
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I am so sorry to hear about Teufel!!! Did you try borrowing an humane trap and set it at night in the areas where he has been seen?

I know many people think that traps can be traumatizing and harmful.. I used to think that myself until I used a trap from my SPCA to trap an injured feral and a pregnant feral. This was very successful for me and the ferals came back after being released to eat off my porch and didn't hold a grudge against me.

PLEASE at least try the trap for a couple nights!!! You can set it in an area where he has been seen and wait nearby in your or friend's car then if he has been trapped you can immediately get him- don't leave trap overnight without supervision! If you trap another cat by mistake, you can always release the cat.

PLEASE try the trap. Renting a trap is not that too expensive- I rented mine for $25....

Good luck and keep us posted!
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In case anyone hasn't seen the thread in the Lounge -

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here's the link to her new thread! yay!!!
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Thanks for the link, that just made my day!!!!!

Welcome home, Teufel!
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