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My prayers to you are keeping Fran...to he can be "Catched" by you or Ben...

Come on Young man!!!( I mean Teufel!) ..Go back with mommie!

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I'm relieved that he's been seen. Please go out again at night and call him. Have you called shelters or rescue organizations to see about borrowing a trap? If you put one or two out in the area he's been seen with his favorite food and some of your clothing or the like, you stand a good chance of trapping him.
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I hope the next message from you is that your sweet boy is back home. We're all praying for that.
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Still thinking of (and praying for) you and Teufal. It's encouraging that he's been seen. I hope he makes it home safe and sound soon.
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I kep coming back here hoping for good news. At least he has been seen. I am also sending up prayers and come-home-soon vibes.
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More come home vibes headed your way

Come home sweetie!
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Still sending Good Vibes and come home prayers your way. Come home Teufel everyone misses you so much!!!
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Fwan, still praying REALLY hard. Can you take any old t-shorts or clothes and make a scent trail in your direction? Can you go between midnight and 4 am when it's really quiet and call/listen/bring fresh fish.
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Originally Posted by sashacat421
Fwan, still praying REALLY hard. Can you take any old t-shorts or clothes and make a scent trail in your direction? Can you go between midnight and 4 am when it's really quiet and call/listen/bring fresh fish.
This is a good Idea! ....Eddie´s right!
I really wish to Teufel come back soon!
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Oh Teufel your out there, please, please come home...
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Fran: Have you started looking for him in the area he was last seen in using the ways hissy and Deb25 mentioned? Please he is probably too scared to move and hungry ..

Please don't just sit and wait for him to come back - he dosen't know where home is otherwise he would have been there already!
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I agree with the others Fran. Can you spend time there between 12 and 4 and watch out for him. Try what Eddie said too, bring tshirts and smelly fish. You are going to need a carrier because I am sure he is going to be scared if you try to catch him. Don't give up, I would be right there with you if I could.

Is the area he is in safe? I mean, for you to be in during those times? If not, please take Ben with you.
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Teufel, come hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooome!!!

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More prayers for Tuefel. Hopeing and praying that you can catch him tonight. (((HUGS)))
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Fran, as everyone else has said I am so sorry and I wish you the best of luck.

I would suggest combining hissy's advice. Take the other kitty in the carrier with you between 1-3 am where your tufel has last been sighted. Talk to the other kitty, use his nicknames (baby where to u think tufel is is he close by?) so that he hears them. Bring his favorite wet and dry food, water and any treats that he likes.

Be very careful though, as that late it is very dangerous. Have ben be out in the car but within a short distance away. Inform the cops and friends of what you are doing so that everyone knows exactly where you are at and why you are doing it.

Best of wishes in hoping your little guy comes back to you safe sound and purring.
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Come home, Teufel!!!!!!!! Your Meowmy misses you!!!!!!
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I have been out searching for him at 11 pm because its very quiet at that area already, i still had no luck.
Although when i do go at 1 am i will have to inform the cops about it!
Ill take kaylee with me this time and we will see what happens.

Thank you all for keeping us in your prayers
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good luck fran, i hope you find him soon
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fingers crossed that you will find him and bring him home safely
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Oh Fran.....I really wish that this night you can "catch" to Teufel again...
Still praying to you!
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Goodluck Fran! - it sounds like just a matter of time
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We are all sending you good wishes, Fran!
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Keep on hanging in there-he is out there waiting for you!!!
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Fran, I have come online especially to see this thread Hang in there mate.... Please come home soon Teufel, we all miss u!
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Good luck Fran!! We're praying for success in Teufel coming home tonight!!
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I'm still right here with you Fran - hoping that Teufel comes home tonight. I'm sending plenty of positive vibes your way.
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Good luck Fran, keep us posted!!!
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Wishing you good luck
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OMG OMG OMG...She's back. Sorry I didn't post sooner...but she arrived back at the porch door on Sunday around 11 or so....I felt like I must be dreaming. After leaving on Thursday night and then NOTHING til Sunday, I had accepted the sad truth I would never see my lover-cat ever again. Then she shows up as if NOTHING had happened. Charlie (her non-blood "sister") seemed disapointed as she thought she might have been Only-Cat Status for a while...But I must say the anguish, grief, unconsolable feelings I had while she was missing were off the charts...I can only imagine how Teufel's mom is feeling and we are all saying kitty prayers and Mom prayers for the safe return of your angel.
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I'm still praying every day that Teufel comes home safe and sound to you! Hang in there! If Maggie's Mom's kitty came back so can Teufel!
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