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Teufel is gone!  

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I dont know what happened, today teufel looked really unhappy, i had left the window open but he wouldnt be able to get through it to go out..
I left to the kiosk to get a drink, i came home to notice he wasnt here..
The door wasnt open.
I have searched through the apartment several times, through the house and the garden, i cant find him!

Please pray that if he went out he will be safe and come back soon.
The house is so empty with out him
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Oh no!!!!!

Have you asked around Fran?. You've searched everywhere because i've shut mine in wardrobes before without seeing them walk in.
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i have no waldrobes!
All i have is a few boxes!
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I´m so sorry Fran.......this bad new believe me....break my heart too!...

My best wishes to him come back soon and my prayers for he´s in a safe place now.......

TEUFEL, come back!!!!!!......Mommie and TCS, need you!!!!
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Vibes for a safe return!!!
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Oh no!! I hope he shows up again soon.

were you at your new apartment?
if you were at a new place and it's not too far from where you lived before, check at your old place too. Maybe he got out and tried to find his way "home".
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Oh no!!, please come home safe Teufel!
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stay calm, I know what its like when you think they have gone... take a few deep breathes. are you sure he couldnt of got outside?

have you been outside with food? have you asked around?

awwww sweetheart, thinking of you right now!! its all going to be okay
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I hope Teufel shows up soon, I'm thinking of you both. Stay calm and think positive thoughts. I wish there were something I could do, just know that I'm praying for his safe return.
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OH NO! I hope he shows up real soon! sending lots of good vibes your way!
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Sending lots of come home safe vibes.

Teufel, come back and stop scaring your meowmy!
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Prayers for you and Teufel!!! I'm sure everything will turn out ok!
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I hate it when that happens, it's so nerveracking. Prayers and vibes to you and Teufel Fran.
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Oh, no Fran!! I will be thinking of you and praying that he comes home safe very soon!!!! Come home, Teufel, we are all worried sick!
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Emma's done that to be before: no way she could get out, but nowhere to be found. Look under every blanket and cover, that's where she usually is. A cat-sized lump under the sheets can blend very well with a rumpled bed.
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Oh, I hope you find him soon, Fran! Come home, Teufel!
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Sending good vibes and prayers your way. I hope you find your kitty . Are you sure hes not inside someplace sleeping. Checked eveyplace you can think of. Its happened to me before and they turned up safely after being hidden in the house sleeping in some of the darndest places.
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If he couldn't get out through the doors / windows, Fran, he's probably hanging out in some place where you wouldn't expect him. Perhaps buried under the bed linens? Tear your place apart, and if you still can't find him inside or outside, leave a window/door open for him to come home. Put his food and litter (box) outside, and check as often as possible.
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Oh, no! Fran, I am so sorry! I hope Teufel returns safe and sound!
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I hope and pray you find him soon. It's so nerve shattering when you can't find them. I've heard that what jcat says, is a good way to get him to come back, but chances are, if you didn't have the window open wide enough for him to get out, he's got to be somewhere in your apartment or flat. I know, I thought Simba got out, and I freaked out and was crying so badly that I scared him, and he didn't come out of his hiding place in my apartment. Hopefully, he's still in your house, just hiding.
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I hope you find Teufel!! Prayers coming your way!!
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Mnay prayers coming your way.I pray he just got into a box and settled down for a rest.
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Oh no, Fran! I know he will soon be home safely and am praying for his prompt return. Please hurry home to your Mommy, Teufel!
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I hope you post soon that you've found him. Come out or come home Teufel!
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Oh no Fran! Any luck finding him yet? I don't have any new advice to offer, just wanted to say that I hope you find him soon! Tuefel's far away twin Eb, Lilly and I are all sending our positive vibes.
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Fran, I hope you find Teufel very soon.
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Oh no!!! This is horrible news! Please know that I'm praying for Teufel to come back to you, safe and soon.
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Oh no, Fran! Have you checked with any animal societies (like Humane Society) to see if someone has brought him in?
Teufel, come home NOW, your mom is WORRIED!
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Awww, Fran....
I hope he turns up soon!!!
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Oh No.....*sits here crying*

I am so sorry sweetie...I can't imagine what this must be like for you...well i can a bit but when mine disapeared luckly she came back but you must be so worried.

I really hope he comes back as you have such a lovely home for him. i will keep my fingers crossed for you and hope and wish with everything I have.

Keep us updated..and I really hope everything will be OK.

Love Eva xxx
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