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Eating my other cats kittens?? PLEASE HELP

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Oh my, this morning I woke up and went to check my cat's food like I normally do and I saw the most disturbing thing I ever saw. I have 4 cats, and one just had kittens on Oct 30th. By their food which was full by the way, was a kitten with half a head and then another head by itself!! I was so sick I threw up. I'm wondering why a cat would do this. I'm sure it wasn't the mother, or one other cat of mine, but I do have a very mean siamese and a male who has to constantly be #1. The siamese was hissing at the mother cat after she had the kittens but only for a day. The one who needs attention all the time didn't seem to bother with the kittens but she will push all the other adult cats away if me or my husband is petting them. He also kept eating from his mother until she ran out of milk then tried to eat from the cat who just had her kittens. I don't know what to do, I've never heard of this happening before. Can someone please help me or tell me if you've ever heard of this happening.

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How horrible! You must keep the momma cat and her kittens away from the other cats! Do not blame the cats, they are acting on their nature. The male may have killed the kittens, even if they are his, so he can mate with the mother again.

Please get all your animals spayed and neutered so you never have to deal with such a horrible thing again.

Rest in peace, little babies!
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I have separated the mother and kittens from the other cats. He's not the father, the cat got out on accident and I am getting the male neutered. I'm still very sick about this, I've never seen nor heard of this before.
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It happens and the mom cat could have done this, or an intact male. Keep all the other cats away from the kittens and the momcat. The kittens and mom cat should be in their own dark, quiet room. There should be little to no visitors to the family until the kittens are much older, and be prepared that yes, the momcat might have done this to her kitten, so if it happens after you put the family in their own room, then you need to pull the kittens off the mom, run the kittens to the vet to determine if they are healthy (if they aren't she will kill or abandon them) and then bottle feed the babies and hope they survive
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thanks for all your help. When I was younger me and my mom bottle fed kittens from a week old their mother got hit by a car so if it comes down to it I will do that. I already bought bottles because one of the babies who sadly is gone now wasn't getting fed by the mother, so I went and bought the stuff by the time I came back she was under the bed with the others thankfully.
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Hissy is right - any of the other cats might have done this. A strong clue that the babies may be sick is that the mother wouldn't feed it - Mother Nature lets animal moms know when something's wrong, and dictates that the mother dedicate her efforts towards the ones most likely to survive. And whole males frequently eat the heads off the newborns. I am so sorry that you had to go through this horrible experience, but now not only are you getting an education, but you will be able to pass this valuable knowledge on to others. My condolences on the loss of the babies, may they enjoy playing with the angels and our other TCS kitties who are over RB, waiting to greet them for us. Hugs, susan
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Poor precious babies! This must have been such a horribly shocking experience for you, as well. Thank you for doing all you can to keep your remaining kittens safe and healthy!
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POOR BABIES!!!!! Did you see any blood on any of the other cats....indicating the one that did this?
If they were sick, then yes Mom could have done this as a way of getting rid of the weak so she can feed the strong.I know how sad and sicking to think that.But, it's been known to happen.
I pray that NO MORE of them have the same fate
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I know it's a matter of nature, but still, how sad. I'm very sorry this happened to you and I hope you're doing ok, as well as mom cat and the rest of her litter.
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I never knew cats would do this... I'm so sorry to hear you had this happen
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Bless your heart. It took me a whole day just to gather the courage to read your post...I can't even imagine how you must feel.

But the others are right -- it's just nature trying to ensure survival of the most fit. You mustn't let it change your feelings about your cats. And if I were you, I wouldn't even WANT to know who did it.

The most important thing is to spay and neuter everybody as soon as you can. Take care...
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It is actually most likely that the mother cat ate the kitten, but it is almost 100% certain that the kitten was dead before she ate him. She likely stopped feeding the kitten because the kitten was not strong enough to suckle. It's awful but not terribly uncommon for this to happen to one or two kittens in a litter, and it does not mean that anything will happen to the other kittens. It is really gross but in the wild it's what a mother cat has to do. It keeps the dead kitten from decomposing in the nest and attracting predators who will threaten the mom and the rest of the kittens. As awful as it seems, it is her natural instinct and it actually does protect her and the rest of the litter.

You made the right decision by separating the mother and litter from the rest of the household. The next thing to do is to call and make an appointment for Mom to get spayed about 8 weeks from now.
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