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Knitting fun :)

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Hi to all the other knitters! I'm a beginner and I am ashamed to say I have started four scarves and have not finished a single one yet! (Still trying to get the hang of adding in a second skein! If anyone has books/web links to recommend, I'd appreciate it.)

Anyhoo, I saw this blog and thought it was pretty funny --> http://youknitwhat.blogspot.com/

Hope everyone's getting a lot of knitting (or crocheting) done for Christmas! (My family will be lucky if I make their scarves in time, ha ha.)
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I'm learning to crochet now. My aunt is fantastic at it. If I lived closer I'd get her to help me. So it will be a looooong while before I make any gifts I think!
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I wish I new how to knit!
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Oh gosh I have about 10 crochet projects sitting in my desk cabinet that are started, but will probably never get done. lol
I'm bad about starting but never finishing.
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I haven't knitted anything in over a year. I did recently start crocheting again.
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If you look at some of the things people have knit (from the blog link I included above), it is just amazing how talented people are at knitting - I wish I had that talent!! - and yet they use their skills to knit crazy stuff that nobody would ever wear! I think that is just so ironic!
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