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Anyone else's kits going berserk?

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My two have been truly psychotic lately! Knocking stuff over, chasing each other around, play-fighting. I'm used to a certain amount of this, but, man, have they been crazy the past few days! I'm wondering if there's some sort of astrological or seasonal shift that could be making them this nutty!

Poor Oliver even has a little scratch on his nose cause Emma accidentally swiped him with her little razor-claws! If only she would let me trim them! But, I value my life too much for that.

Anybody else notice their cats have been battier than usual?
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Absolutely!!!!! She spent the wholeday yesterday running around like a nut, knocking things over and hunting birds through the window. By 6:00 last night she was fast alseep!
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hell yeah - Tosca does it every night! She's a bit of a nutcase - she seems to set aside 5 minutes of every evening simply to race about like a loony!
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we have had firworks going off for the past few weeks so result in 3 nervous cats and a scared dog,tonight is bonfire night,so ive shut them in the hallway (where its quiet) with the dog and access to a littler tray,and just sit it out,so far its working
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Oh yes! Iris has been going even crazier than usual over the last week or so. I hope she calms down soon!
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Absolutely! I thought it was due to more energy after their ops, but they've been much more toady than normal!
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Dexter & Sadie go nuts when the summer weather begins to cool off.
Lately, every morning & evening, we have a Cat Stampede at my place.
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Oh yes this morning Joey was absolutely insane!! Running up and down the hall!! He even bombarded right into my door!
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Zakk knocked something over this morning, than ran up two flights of stairs with a guilty look. It sounded worse than it was, just the remote control holder.
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Originally Posted by zak&rocky
Zakk knocked something over this morning, than ran up two flights of stairs with a guilty look. It sounded worse than it was, just the remote control holder.
Silly Zakk! Moo and Noo have been nutty, but then they are kittens. They found one of thier missing crinkle balls and have been crazy with it! Stealing it from eachother and groweling! (all in sport) They've even gotten back into the cat tv they'd forgotten about for a while.
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At the moment their sleeping like babies, but it's too early for their game of chase so this is the calm before the storm!
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A little bit ago.... Tiger my half kid was going crazy running from room to room. But that was only because she was doing some indoor chasing of a squirrel who was outdoors.
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Yep, mine have been extra frisky too! Crazy kitties!
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Lily has been going crazy! She's attacking everything and chasing anything that moves.
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Mine are actually more calm than normal lately....
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Mine are always that way!!!
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Wiggies has been more rambunctious than usual lately. That's interesting that other people's cat's are going crazy too! Must be the change of season, I never thought about that. There's been lots more squirrels in the yard running around and burying things, so that always gets the cats jazzed up.
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Mine are super calm too. Apart from paranoid Lonestar. He's a freak!
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