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Trembling Kitty

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My 11 yr. old kitty was on Ovaban for several months due to allergy problems. She couldn't have a cortisone shot, as she had been diagnosed with chronic liver disease a couple of years ago. However, the Ovaban turned her into a little fire breathing monster . In addition, with the long-term effects Ovaban can cause (diabetes, etc.), I was glad to get her off of it. She is now eating Prescription Diet Z/D which seems to be taking care of the allergies, and is back to being my normal sweet kitty. So, on to my story...

Since taking her off the Ovaban, she has developed a slight tremble in her neck/head area, identical to how she might tremble if she has a fever. Of course, the timing of coming off the Ovaban could simply be a coincidence.

I pointed out the trembling to our vet a couple of weeks ago. He turned off the lights and shined his little flashlight in her eyes to see how she reacted. She responded perfectly fine (vision in tact, etc.). Her blood test revealed no abnormalities. She is also negative for hyperthyroidism. The vet said since all her coordination skills are normal, it does not yet appear to be neurological, although he can't completely discount it.

Has anyone else ever dealt with this? Could this just be an "old kitty" symptom and nothing to worry about? She is eating and drinking normally (actually seems to drink more than normal, but blood tests negative for diabetes), still cuddles, etc... Our biggest battle right now is continuing to get rid of the scabs & itching from her allergies. Any comforting words, advice, potential diagnoses, etc. are appreciated. My husband tells me I'm just being paranoid , but I can't help but worry about my kitty!

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Well, I can't really help you with that. Its possible that it is a withdrawl symptom, don't quote me on that. But that sounds like a symptom that humans experience, and withdrawl symptoms in humans can last for a month or so. Was this medication addictive maybe?

I don't think it is an old age symptom, my cat is about the same age as yours with no symptoms like that.
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Thanks for your thoughts! I've considered the same as you... ovaban withdrawals? I may mention that to my vet. He did say it's a drug that builds up in their systems quite strongly. I also wondered if the cortisone cream I've been applying to her itchy spots could be a problem. As cortisone shots are not to be given to kitties with liver disease, perhaps the cream being absorbed into her skin is affecting her in a mild way??? I'm due to visit the vet for a follow-up on her allergies in another couple of weeks, so these questions will definitely be posed... thanks again!
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My cat also has food allergies, but she could take cortisone (Predisone) for her itching. She has been on the Science Diet Z/D for going on nine weeks and is doing wonderful. My vet said it could take any where from 8 to 12 weeks before her itching went completly away. She is not itching and her bald spots from scratching are filling in with hair. As for the trembling I don't have any advise. But, the Science Diet Z/D (we call it fake food) is our lifesaver. You said she is drinking more than ususal, mine starting drinking more water when I put her on the Z/D where before she was getting wet food and now she is only getting dry. I had to get a bigger water dish. Hope all goes well, keep us informed.
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Boy, I can't think of anything else that would cause the tremors either. Withdrawls are quite possible. I don't think there's been any particular study on the effects of medication and withdrawl in cats, so it would be hard for any vet to say for sure. There's only a few known things that cause head tremors in cats. You said they did a screen for diabetes so that's not an option. The other is poision and if that were the case, there would have been other signs. The only relation to Ovaban and head tremors has been diabetes caused by the medication. I hope this food works for her and there is no need for any medications at all
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Sandie, are you saying that head tremors are a sign of diabetes? I had not heard that and the vet didn't menetion it. She does have some other other classic signs of diabetes, including weight loss and excessive drinking, but no vomiting. Should I have the vet test her again? He did not do a urine test, only a blood test.
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Then yes, I would have her tested again. Head tremors can be caused by diabetes as well as the other symtoms. I would definatley keep an eye on it since she is older and at risk from the obavan. I would give this link a look.

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Thank you Sandie! I hope my vet doesn't think I'm questioning his knowledge and abilities, as he did say her glucose levels were normal only about a month ago. But, Smokey's health is more important than his ego I'll keep you posted on what I find out!
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Your a good Mom!!!!!
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Thanks for all your well wishes!

Unfortunately, Smokey has taken a turn for the worse, but still hard to tell what's causing it, although my vet suspects it's the liver beginning to shut down. Blood was taken today to run a test to learn at what % the liver is functioning. So, we should know within a couple of days if the liver is indeed the culprit. They are also scanning her glucose levels again to be sure there is no diabetes. She is so completely miserable with the allergies, that he went ahead and gave her a cortisone shot--a "no-no" when you're dealing with liver disease, but he made a judgment call based on her current state, and knew he had to get her feeling better quick (she's lost another 1/2 pound just in a week or so), which I appreciate.

If there are no complications with the cortisone shots and pills that are to follow, that's wonderful, and her scabs should heal quickly. If there are complications (and our liver test results show it's shutting down), we'll take her off the predisone, then put her on a relatively new drug... it's for cats with liver disease that simply helps to support their overall system. So far "they say" it's worked very well, but there's no guarantee it will work on Smokey. Keep her in your thoughts I'll let you know what we learn with her test results!

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Oh Summer I'm sorry to hear Smokey is not doing better. . .will keep both of you in my thoughts . . .
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Well, believe it or not, we learned this afternoon that Smokey does not have liver disease! This is almost humorous, as we've been feeding her Prescription Diet L/D for 2 years!!! However, she does have heart disease... the x-rays show a "classic case" with a valentine shaped heart (should be oval), which to me only means she has a bundle of love to give

Sounds strange, but I'm actually relieved. An early stage heart disease is certainly better than a late stage liver disease! Of course, we would love for her to be in perfect health, but we will simply manage with meds (2 pills every day, for the rest of her life) that should have her eating and feeling good again by the weekend.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers, I know Smokey has benefited from them, and so have I!!!

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I am so glad you can relax a little now. It is not as serious as you thought it was. I hope he continues to improve and you bring each other years of love and friendship!!
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I hope Smokey is feeling better. What a relief

Good Luck.:flash:
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I read your posts and was just going to myself 'awwwww'

I quote another person who wrote earlier and they said 'what a good mom you are'
You really are a good mum! Smokey will be just fine. Give him a kiss from me please!

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