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Chewing on his own tail

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My kitten Kuri has a strange habit of biting and chewing on his tail till it's soaked through. I have never seen my other kitties do this! Is he bored or is there something wrong - has anyone experienced this?

Just for some background - he's a full-time indoor cat, does not have fleas, I've taken him in to get checked for worms in the past two weeks but he was negative, he's up-to-date on all his shots, is neutered, is eating fine, has no peeing or other behavior issues, he has company during the day (our other cat Geisha), and he is extremely social and very loving and affectionate. (By the way, Kuri is also exactly 7 months old today!)

He doesn't seem to have any health issues (I've taken him to the vet twice in the past two weeks and he's checked out just fine each time!), so I think maybe he's just a little bored because he likes feather toys, BUT I only leave the catnip mice out during the day when I'm not at home. I can't leave the feather toys out because he will growl and bite and shred them (kind of like he does with his tail, minus the growling when he's biting his tail), as well as ingest them.
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My little girl sucks her tail and nothing I have tried deters her. I think it is a comfort mechanism kittens use when taken away from Momma too soon.
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I have been fostering a kitten that was abandoned since 2 weeks old and he sucks on his tail and kneads when he does it! its so cute! The other cat i am fostering hisses and growls at toy mice and shakes them to try to kill them. Was your cat ever a stray? Maybe he is reacting to his old ways when he used to catch and kill mice to survive? Or maybe he just thinks of them as real and tries to eat the toy mice. Maybe he thinks his tail is a mouse and tries to eat it? I hope everything works out for you and your kitty! Hope I could help!
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my kitten was taken away from his mother too soon and he likes to chew on his tail a bit. not till it's soaked, but he will chew on it and he likes to sleep with the tip of his tail over his nose...
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My college roommate had a cat that did this. The vet told her that it was a comfort mechanism, similar to a child sucking its thumb. Eventually the cat grows out of it, but it'll be a year or two.
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My Mother-in-laws kitten also did that.The Vet said it was his way of comforting hisself as he was an orphan kitty at a young age.....around 5 weeks.He eventually outgrew it.
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Aw, I didn't think of it that way, that is so cute! My kitty was found in a feral colony at approximately 3 weeks old. The shelter worker brought him home to care for him for several weeks and then she brought him to the shelter. But I don't know if he was with his mom the whole time he was at the foster home. (We got him when he was 4-1/2 months old.)

Kuri usually grooms and chews on his tail when he is curled up on my lap or on the bed or other warm place. Poor little sweetie! I love him so much!!!
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