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Corn In Food and food in general.

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I was wondering if anyone had any good websites about the digestibility of corn. I am going to call the Hill's Company, and I'd like to get my argument straight on corn. Most of you freak out of corn being in dry food. That hasn't been a concern of mine really, mostly because my cat eats a low allergen food, which lacks corn. I really haven't cared also because it's broken down corn, it is not the whole kernal, and everything is processed so much that it is digestable [although obviously not as nutritional as a product comprised mostly of meat]. Anyways, I am a little disheartened, , at finding whole kernals of corn in a can of puppy food. That is unacceptable, and I would really love to hear what "the company" has to say about it. I have NEVER encountered something so crappily processed. I mean... you may as well call it Ol' Roy! I'm going to make a trip down to a local dog wash/training facility we have, they sell Innova and some other nutritionally balanced dog foods that I would love for my pup to be on. [Corn free I may add ]

I also wanted to add, that I was reading an excerpt from "Food Pets Die For" and there is something that needs to be made clear. Beet Pulp is not high in sugar, it's not sugary at all. It's a good source of fiber, calories, and forage.

Another question I had, does anyone know about Petsmart's "Blue" brand? Which is supposed to be another "natural" or "non-corn/crap" food.

I know Innova is supposed to be a good one, and everyone talks about Wellness and a few other brands. I was kind of set on Innova, but I am not totally sure, what do you guys think?
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SD will tell you that corn is highly digestable and it is nearly hypoallergenic ...lol... many companies have independant stusies disputing this...but go ahead ..

Blue is not petsmarts brand it is made by another company... it is high end but I put it with solid gold since it has way more grain than meat ... but my girls love the salmon canned..

what is your goal with food??? Holistic?? Natural ?? multiple grain/ meat ??? simple ??

Innova is good ... I am not one for the "five food groups" I much prefer Califonia natural good solid and basic...
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What breed of pup and how old??
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site listing hypoallergenic carbs for dogs and cats

If you haven't yet, please also read over these sites, www.catinfo.org and www.catnutrition.org

Hope the above is helpful.
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Thanks everyone for the info. I know SD is going to feed me a bunch of crap. But I'd like to hear someone justify to me how digestible corn is. Because it's not. My boss and I were just talking about this today, humans can't even digest corn, give me a break LOL.

Food wise, I just want something healthy. I am limited time and budget wise, so raw and homemade are out of the question. My one dog, who is 9y/o has to have lamb & rice due to hardcore allergies. She's fine on this food. My cat... is a whole other story and we're trying pea & venison, but I have a feeling he'll be stuck on z/d for forever. Just sniffing another food makes him itchy, I swear. My puppy, who is having no issues right now *crosses fingers* is 110% mutt.

Lilo is cocker spaniel/border collie on mom's side. rottweiler/shepherd/wolf on dad's side. She looks like a rotti cross, and will get to be about 60lbs or so we're guessing. I just thought it might be good to start her on some better food, and I thought it might benefit my 9 year old as well. Until I find out what my cat is allergic to, he can't go on anything "better" than the IVD/Royal Canin stuff.
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IMHO I would recoomend a moderate protein and fat food for the puppy... 26-28 protein and 12-14 fat... in a large breed formula
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