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I am so sorry

RIP Bugs
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Oh dear, I'm so sorry you lost your baby.
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RIP baby Bugs.
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My condolensenses on your loss of Bugs

RIP Bugs
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Condolences on your loss. Rest in peace, Bugs!
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OH, NOOOO!!! Jenna, I am so, so sorry on this tragic loss!!! I remember when Seth bit Bugs & he had to have stiches, and he pulled through that one just fine. What a shock to see this post! This must be so difficult on you, Shadow & Seth. Yes, Bugs is in a better place, pain-free & playing happily with all our other TCS kitties over the Bridge. But my condolences to you & your other fur-babies who have the lonely places in the heart. Please remember that we have been in your situation, too; the heartache, the lonely longing for that special cat, the memories that burn so vividly in the mind, that bring a smile and tears at the same time - these are the loss of so wonderful a kittycat. And remember, this too, shall pass and someday, those same memories will bring nothing but smiles, and even some further day, you will be reunited with Bugs, and all your other loved ones, and all will be happiness again. Hugs, Susan
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Im so sorry for your loss

RIP Bugs
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He's in kitty heaven...and i'm happy about that.We got a dog...she's a chocolate lab...Her name is Dragon. ( don't ask...my friend picked it out)...

Seth,Shadow,Dragon,Bugs,And, me!!!
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Oh yes! I'm planning on rescuing a Siamese! I've read their descriptions... do these do them justice?
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sorry to hear your loss, i know how it feels as my 7 Months old Kitty got run over by a car and not actually having to know who caused the tragic death of my Baby, lifes hard when they slip away from our fingers, but i know there right beside us and watching over us from above and im sure u will meet in heaven one day...... i hope your pain will gradually fade one day and u will only have to remember the beautiful memories ur ONE has left behind..... lets cherish them forever
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I moved and merged your threads. Did the vet give you any idea why Bugs died?
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