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You Just Never Know....

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About a month ago we had freezing rain, followed by a heavy snowfall in Nova Scotia. The result was that our driveway was a real mess. Even after shovelling, there was still a layer of ice, and we couldn't get the car out of the driveway. The night before the driving was so dangerous, that I didn't go out and buy more road salt. I needed something for traction. Guess what worked? Kitty Litter. Fortunately we had a fresh bag, and Princess and Casey didn't mind us borrowing some. You just never know....

J. Paul Cooper
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Yes, I remember when I was growing up in Minnesota, my parents would often use kitty litter for traction. I think they may have even kept some in their trunk. Works great for lots of things!
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I used to work at an airport, and they used "kitty litter" to pick up fuel spills. So if you have a guy who works on the car a lot - or maybe you do it yourself - it's good to keep on hand for oil spills etc. Not perfect, but a heck of a lot better than that big stain.
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Fluffy, I will have to keep the kitty litter thing in mind....great idea!
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Kitty litter works great for spills in the garage. My husband uses it if he spills any liquids while working on the cars, it absorbs everything right up.
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I have always kept an extra bag in the bed of my truck for just such emergencies.
I also use it in my steep driveway instead of salt, since salt tracks all over the house, and litter wipes off your feet pretty well on the mat.
It sure is handy having a cat, isn't it?
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