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It's Official

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The move date is either March 30 or 31st depending on the day we get to rent the RV. Yes, we are moving the gang by way of RV (we rented one for the one way). It actually comes out cheeper than if we rented a truck. So guys, I will not be on from the day we leave (as my computer will be the last thing that gets packed) until we can get it back up and running when we get to the new house. My husband expects us to be on the road for about 4-5 days depending on the weather. We are taking the Southern route but you never know. As long as we are all together, I'm fine. The dogs will have special tags on with Rene's number on the eastcoast and my friend here on the westcoast but we plan on walking them one at a time and they will have harnesses on and will be crated when we are out of the RV. While driving, everything will be locked up and one of us will be up watching the kids at all times. I promise to let you all know when I sign off and when I sign on again.

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Take care and be careful
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Good luck with the move Frannie. I hope you have a safe cross country trip!
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You guys are going to ahve a great time, Sandie and I did! When you get the chance, ask Sandie asbout Silo's..heheheeh

See ya this weekend!
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have a safe trip.............
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Ken, remember I drove out here with him and that was no picnic. He did all the navigating and I did the driving. Well, this time we are both doing the driving. I hate driving but am excited to come home. I will definitely love seeing you, Sandie, Kylee and the rest of the group this weekend. I will definitely ask Sandy about the Silos. Should I make sure there's nothing in my mouth (like wine) when she replies??????

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Frannie-Good luck and be safe!
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Frannie's coming home and we are going to PARTY - now there will be another couple in the crowd. We get to eat Vinnie's Italian cooking while we drink our wine! I'm glad your coming home Frannie!
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Good luck with your move Frannie! I will be thinking about you! You are so lucky to have friends like Sandie, Ken and Rene waiting there for you!!
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Hey Frannie - think how time will fly, when you are moving forward through all the time zones! Have a safe and wonderful trip home.
Deb M.
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