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Best litter for previously declawed cat?

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My family recently adopted a 9-year-old torti girl whose previous owners had her declawed She is the sweetest girl; we all love her madly. I have noticed that, unlike my other, non-declawed cats, she seems to get clay clumping litter trapped in her paws. Not only does this track litter throughout the house (which isn't a problem) but it seems like it must be uncomfortable for her (which IS a problem...I like my babies to be as comfortable as possible ). Does anyone else with a declawed kitty have this experience & if so, have you found another type of litter that the cat accepts & doesn't seem to get trapped in the paws? I greatly appreciate any answers.
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If you can afford it (its expensive but does last longer so works out at the same price per week) I would try World's Best Cat Litter. It's really soft so when she does get it in her paws it won't hurt. The only other thing would be pellets, but I can imagine that would be just as painful - I know Scully wouldn't use the box with pellets at all. Most small litters will get caught and most big litters are uncomfortable anyway so I choose to pay for WBCL.
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I would try the worlds best... I am trying it out and boy did the smell go down
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Thanks! I've seen the World's Best Cat Litter & wondered if it lived up to it's name
We'll be giving it a try & see how my girl likes it...and odor reduction would be a bonus!
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rabbit food works well. My friend that rescues only declawed cats uses pellets for cat litter and it works well.
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my cats were all declawed by previous owners. their favorite litters are: tidy cats scoop (red bucket), dr elsey's precious cat ultra (unscented scooping), petsmart's unscented scooping litter, and arm & hammer scoop unscented. we have tried fresh step cedar scoop before, which they liked but they don't like regular fresh step scoop (the scent bothers them). right now we're using dr elsey's in 2 boxes and tidy cats in 2. the dr elsey's is the least dusty of all the litters we've used before.

my cats don't like the natural litters, so that's why i haven't suggested any. pretty much a scooping litter is recommended for declawed cats. and the finest as possible. the best analogy for declawed cats & litter i've found is this: for a declawed cat walking on a coarse litter is like walking barefoot on a gravel road. (which i've done, and that HURTS) so you want one like a fine sand rather than coarser pieces.
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A lot of ppl use Yesterday's News. I use it for my cats even tho they have all of their claws.
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yea i heard shredded paper should be used RIGHT after a cat has its claws out..?? but maybe im wrong.

as for worlds best. good luck, i used it (just to try it out) but it smelled funky to me i didnt like it at all. i use flushable litter i think its arm and hammer and its great. good luck with the cat and the litter either way!!
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