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Off to kitty heaven!

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I don’t come here often, very busy life. When I do it is relaxing, so full of love….. to read your posts about your little loved ones…. Especially when I am sad..
How do you send your kitties off to kitty heaven? I am having the worst time letting go off my little loved one; I really want to burry her extra special, this will make me feel a bit better... I am looking for a kitty casket of some sort; wish I could make one.... any ideas will be more than appreciated... missing my Pumpkin.
Thank you, Dee
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I'm sure Pumpkin will reward you at The Rainbow Bridge for caring so much. I moved your thread to this forum. I think you'll get more input here.
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In the past my dad has made the caskets that we have used for our kitties and then we fill them with some of their favourite things (blankets, toys) and we usually put photographs in there with them.
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I am so sorry for your loss of Pumpkin. Rest in peace little kitty.
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I have always wrapped my babies in a soft blanket or towel, and buried them under a certain tree or bush in the yard. Growing up, it was a walnut tree. Now, I have a honeysuckle bush that I bury them under. In the spring it flowers beautifully. I add other flowers on top of the grave if the bush isn't blooming.

My neighbors had wooden markers made, that laid flat on the ground. They would be able to mow right over them, but if you knew where to look, you would see the little markers with the names on them. I have never placed a marker, but it is a nice thought.

You can post a nice memory here about Pumpkin, or her picture. Mostly, the memories you have of Pumkin, and the love you showed her, are what matters most! Condolences on her loss.
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My father would make me crosses with their name and a kitty figure on it.

I am sorry on the loss of your Pumpkin
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I can only imagine how hard this must be for you but know that were all here for you

RIP Pumpkin and play happily over the bridge
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I am sorry for your loss of Pumpkin. May he RIP.
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