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first kitty bath can you help!!!!!!

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I was thinking of giving Jass a bath I'm just hesitating just a bit, because I've never washed a cat. I have a dog, and its no problem, I just hold her down, but I'm kind of scared of washing jass, I don't know what her reaction is going to be, I'm affraid I'm going to scare her and I'm going to end up all scrached up!
so are there any tips to introduce jass to the tub and specially the water? thanks, sorry for asking dumbquestions, Its just because I've never washed a cat, actually I didn't even know people washed their cats! thanks.
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Why are you gonna give her a bath? I would never bathe my cats unless they got into something and they haven't yet! Just a question....

I think if I tried to give my cats baths - I would be armless! :tounge2:
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My cats get baths all the time. I introduce them to the water by letting them see me playing in it whether it's the sink or bathtub. My are curious enough that they just jump right in and play so it's easy to give them a bath. The only time I don't let them play is when we have to get ready for a show and then I scruff them by the back of the neck (like their mom did) and give them a quick one making sure that all the soap is out. To make up for them not playing in the bath, I play with them while drying them in the towel.

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ARE YOU lucky..... see, my cats are older and, um, opinionated

although..... Jinxy (my new cat) sits on the side of the tub when I take a shower..kinda creepy but... whatever, I guess.... I just hope he's not reporting his sightings to anyone :tounge2:
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Mine are also very opinated as they are abys and oriental shorthairs and both those breeds can be very vocal and vindictive if they want to be and that's why I make it a game. I also start them out at very young ages (4 months). I also give my rescues baths (and they are the older ones) and they don't seem to mind as long as we play together. It's harder to give my dogs baths than the cats.

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Thanks for your reply! Well I tried what you said, I filled the tub just a little bit, just enough for her to get her paws wet and I called her in the bathroom and kindda played with the water so she could see, but she just ignored me. So I got one of her toys and threw it in the tub just to see if she jumped in to get it. She got on her feet and looked in, like she wanted to jump in, but she didn't. So my last option was to put her in the tub, but she freaked out, and jumped out and walked away licking her paws....
by the way she is also a siamese she's 11 mo. The lady I bought her from, said that she was used to a bath, but it's not working here!
also I have a hard time clipping her nails, she won't let me, they got to a point where they are really sharp, maybe I should try clipping her nails before a bath don't you think, that way she won't claw me with her nails oouch:laughing2
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take some dry towels and start cycling them in the dryer. Get a bucket and fill it a little bit with warm warm water, and put the cat in the bucket. This way, the cat has something to grip that is not your arm. They usually will just grip the edge of the bucket and stand with their rear in the water. Do a quick shampoo, then rinse, and then take the warmed towels and towel kitty dry until it stops shivering. Good luck
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When I give Fitz a bath I will actually go in the tub with him and stand behind him--make sure you wear clothes you don't mind getting wet. I found that when Mommy's in there with him, it's not so bad and he'll usually turn around and hug my leg and I just wash him and rinse him while he stands there. He usually won't claw either--he just hugs.

He also hates having his nails cut and I found that if you wrap him up snugly in a towel--like a baby--and let him have one foot out at a time, he'll tolerate it much better. When you first try this though, make sure you give your baby plenty of breaks with playing. I give him a break between each foot.

I know these methods are a little unorthodox but maybe they'll work for you too.
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My older cat was 2 years when I started bathing her because of skin problems. I just filled op the tub so it goes about half way up her (water temp like you would for a baby, but a little warmer), and stuck her in. She looked at me like, "Why are you doing this to me?" for a minute, but she likes them now.
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Thanks a lot for all of your responses, I really appreciate it I'm going to try each one of them, and see which one works
for me.

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To help fortify you, please read this little story. I was on the floor at work laughing when I first read this... I could only hold my sides and point to the screen :laughing:

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That's funny!

I guess it all depends on the cat. My cats weren't bad at all the first time, and they've definately gotten used to it.

I do close the bathroom door though! I also wear clothes that can get wet....don't try it in a leather coat or anything!

First, get out a lot of towels. And fold one up for your knees, I bathe them kneeling over the tub so it hurts your knees.
I fill up the tub before I bring in the first victim. I fill it almost halfway, grab a cat and talk to her soothingly, then plop her in. My cats, even the first time, seemed pretty resigned about the whole thing. As I said in an earlier post, my older one loves it and will even purr. Then I lather a lot, rinse, refill the tub and rinse again. Drain again and repeat process on next cat. Then I keep them in there on the towels and take a shower to relax and keep the bathroom warm. I keep them in there for a while to keep them warm. Caution: Do not try to blow dry a cat!!!
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