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Kitten GAS!

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I am fostering a kitten that has thee WORST gas!! I swear the air waivers like a heat mirage on a hot road when she does it. And she seems to have a lot of them. More than any other cat I've ever been around. As a matter of fact, I've never noticed a cat with gas before. When she lies on my lap and lets one go I grab whatever I can find to use for a fan and then wave it like crazy to push the smell away from me/us (like she cares) and she doen't even flinch at that anymore thats how much she toots.

Any suggestions? I've changed her food twice. She is going to go to an adoption event soon. If she toots when someone picks her up that potential adopter will probably run screaming. Seriously.
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my friend had a kitty that had bad gas also which went away when she stopped feeding canned\\wet food to the kitty
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Kitten gas is very common. What is funny to me is that the cats who seem to have the worst gas seem to be the prettiest, most feminine little girl kitties!

I would recommend treating for worms again, and make sure you use a dewormer that also takes care of tapeworms. Drontal is a good broad-spectrum dewormer.
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Thank you for the advice. She has been wormed twice so far. For both tapeworm and roundworm. She did have tapeworms at one time. I was wondering if I am supposed to see worms in her feces after she is given a worm treatment??

I would like to get her to just eat the dry food but so far I haven't found a brand that she likes but there are a few brands I haven't gotten to yet.

Can you tell me what brands you have found that your kittens like?

And yes she IS a little girly girl kitten.
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I feed my kallie purina kit'n kaboodle or purina one
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what food shas the kitten tried???

I would avoid wheat soy by products and all chemical pres ...

look at Royal canin and Nutro ... these are both good and widely avail
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Our Tedy was like that when we first got him (he was about 6 hubby seemed almost "proud" of the terrible gas that kitten would pass....must be one of those wierd "guy things")
Anyhow, he seems to have stopped it now that he is on healtier foods (mostly dry Purina One)...and there is less smell to his pooh...and even less poo.
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my vet recommended Hill' Science Diet. I had been feeding him Nutro and was noticing blood on his anus (which was of course ending up on the sheets, couch etc... gross...). The vet said that he maybe wasn't digesting the Nutro as well and it was possibly creating small tears in his colon. As soon as I switched the food, it went away. He has some gas, but not much (although it smells when it does happen.... whew!).
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