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Wedding Pictures

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Here is the link for some of the wedding pictures my photographer has on his website.........

Now I just need to get my kitty pics on here. I already have them picked out I just need to get it done!
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They are wonderful, Sfell! Love your dress. Where you able to take the tail off? I had a friend who was able to take her tail off and not drag it everywhere. With mine, I had to drag it and carry it with me.
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you look so beautiful - happyness does make a bride shine and tell your new hubby his is the
luckiest man alive to have such a beautiful bride.
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Alicia, I had a bustle - its where you have loops sewn on the train and you fasten them to buttons on the back of the waist. So, no dragging dress.

And thank you!
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Thank you Helen, I'll be sure to tell him
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you look gorgeous!!! I love the tiara.

Thanks for sharing those.
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Thanks Colby!
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Gorgeous!!!!!!!!! I love wedding photos!!

I also had a bustle when I got married and it was great. I had the beauty of a very long train for the ceremony and photos, and then was able to bustle it up so I could dance!!!! It was awesome. My dress actually didn't come with it, but my aunt who is a seamstress put the buttons on. I loved it.

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Thanks alot Daniela!
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You look so happy & beautiful!

I love the colour of your bridesmaid dresses. It is a very complimentary colur on them!
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Thanks Ady, I don't understand that whole "brides have a vendetta" thing with their bridesmaids. Why would you want something that was ugly in your wedding photos?!?!
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Sabra - Those are great pictures - you look beautiful. I also like the color of the bridesmaid dresses. Very pretty.
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Thank you Dawn.

Oh, by something ugly I was referring to the dresses, not the girls lol.
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Sabra, you both look wonderful in the pictures. I love your dress. And the bridesmaids dresses look gorgeous on them!
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What beautiful pictures! It looks like it was a lovely wedding.
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Very beautiful pictures!! You were such a beautiful bride! Is that your parents standing with you in the second picture?
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Thank you Sarah, Allison and Debby.

Debby - No, those are my best friends parents. My parents are the third row on the left.
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Oh, I see!
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And what a thoughtful friend to let the bridesmaids dresses be so fetching and pretty. Looks like they can wear them at other functions as well instead of stuffing them into their closets and saying "ugh! glad that is over!" Looks like it was a wonderful day! Congrats!
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You had a very pretty dress! You and your hubby look like a lovely couple, and I mean that!

What kind of flavor of cake was yours?
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Thanks so much you guys! Our cake was just plain white cake with raspberry filling - quite yummy.
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Wow!!! You look beautiful! And I love the colors you used. I agree with Hissy - those are beautiful bridesmaids dresses. I've worn some awful ones and would have loved something like that!

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Thank you Ali! I know what you mean about wearing some "awful" dresses. I was in one where the dress would have been okay if it hadn't of been for the big bow in the back.
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