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drinking habits

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Opie seems to prefer running water. The only fountain watering system, that I've found, is at PetsMart. However, $40 is a little steep, for my budget. Leaving the sink to drip isn't cost-effective, either. Does anyone know of a reasonably-priced solution? I'm grateful, for any suggestions.
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I notice nobody has replied to you. I Just wanted to ask you if you've checked places like Walmart of Target? Sometimes they have pet supplies but not the name brand so its a bit cheaper. You may want to try there, you might get lucky!
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Check on Ebay ..... I'm serious! If you don't need the extra resevoir, you can get the Drinkwell Fountain for around $20.00
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Thanks, for the tips. I have checked WalMart, Target and KMart, with no luck. The DoctorX catalog has them, too but they are as expensive as PetsMart + S & H. I'll give E-Bay a look. With Tucson's summer weather, I want to make sure that Opie gets well hydrated. He's an indoor cat but it, stil gets dry, in the house.
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Have you checked in any pet magazines yet? Maybe try some independent pet shops?? Good luck!
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Found one, on eBay. Currently have high bid. Looks good, so far.
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A friend of mine just got one out of the Foster & Smith Vet catalog. She bought it for her Kitty that has Kidney Problems. He loves it. She said he stands & drinks for the longest. Before she got the fountain she had to let water run in a cup for him. I do not know the price she paid. You can also look at a Jeffers Vet catalog. Sometimes they are cheaper. Good luck...Prayers
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Scored the one, on eBay, for $16.50. Beats paying $40.00 @ Pets Mart! I just hope Opie will use it!
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Congrats! I'm glad that you got the one that you wanted for a cheaper price. Let us know if it works out.
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The fountain was delivered, yesterday. IT works, just fine. Opie, however, continues to try to get Bill and me to turn on the kitchen faucet, for him. We told him that we spent good money, for a special drinking fountain, for him and he'd darned well better use it! I suppose, if he gets thirsty enough, he'll get the idea!
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