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Can we do more?

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All of our adult cats were rescues from the outdoors, but Pepsi was the only one who lived outside long enough to be considered feral, I think. (Or maybe all the others are technically ferals who are extremely well-socialized. ) We adopted her from our vet's office, actually; they were keeping overflow from one of the shelters.

Anyway, she's about two years old now, and when we got her (shortly after she was trapped), she was supposedly about three months old. (She's such a tiny, tiny cat that I've since wondered if the vet didn't misjudge her age a bit.) We are quiet people—no kids yet—and we've mostly let her go at her own pace. She does better now than when we got her. She comes up on the bed to be petted (and to mooch part of any snacks you might happen to have) and spends a lot of time out, but if we walk near her she runs off, and she spends quite a bit of time under beds. I think she's scared of feet, and she seems to be more nervous if I am wearing pants rather than, say, just a long shirt I slept in when I walk toward her.

Is there anything that we can do to help her be more relaxed? I think overall she has a good life (certainly better than if she'd never been rescued), but we'd like to do anything we can within reason to lower her stress level.
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Have you checked out the Feliway diffuser yet? I have only read about them in other threads here, but haven't needed to try it myself. I'm sure you'll get better advice when someone else responds, though. It does seem that she fears feet; my current kittens are were very skittish, too, and sometimes I have to sit on the ground & call them to me, else they run off. They are getting much better because they follow JC around, and seem to pick up on his example.
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Hmm. I guess I thought Feliway was mostly for urinating outside the box or cat-on-cat aggression, neither of which is a problem for us (though she's been known to relieve herself into a pile of dirty clothes on the floor from time to time). But if it would help her generalized anxiety, then I would definitely be willing to check into it.
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